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Effect of Different Processing Technologies on Chemical Properties of Wild‐Grown Edible Mushroom Macrolepiota procera var. procera (Scop.)


In this study effects of different processing technologies (drying, canning, and freezing) on morphological properties and chemical composition of wild grown edible mushroom Macrolepiota procera var. procera (Scop.) (M. procera) were investigated. For this purpose before the analyses measured the weight, pileus width, stipe length, and stipe diameter (69.94 g, 118.26, 143.82 cm, and 13.60 mm, respectively) of clean mushrooms. After that moisture, ash, crude protein, fat, carbohydrate and energy values of fresh, dried, canned, and freezed wild edible mushrooms were investigated. Moisture, ash, crude protein, fat, and carbohydrate were 10.79–90.56, 0.37–37.92, 2.05–39.68, 0.70–4.23, 2.35–7.10% of dry weight, respectively. And energy value estimated 39.13–206.62 kcal (165.42–872.87 kJ).

Practical Applications

Wild edible mushrooms are not only an important nutritional source but also an important livelihood. Mushrooms have high amount of moisture content and fragile structure. Therefore, mushrooms are highly perishable. After harvest mushrooms lose their quality immediately. In view of these mushroom requires some treatment to prevent its deterioration. The aim of this study is to determine the effects of different processing methods (drying, canning, and freezing) on morphological properties (the pileus width, the stipe length, the stipe diameter, weight of the mushroom, and color measurement), chemical contents (moisture, ash, crude protein, fat), carbohydrate and energy values of wild edible mushroom Macrolepiota procera var. procera (Scop.)

Authors:   Emine Aydin, I. Bulent Gurbuz, Hasan Karahan, Canan Basdar
Journal:   Journal of Food Processing and Preservation
Year:   2016
Pages:   n/a
DOI:   10.1111/jfpp.12802
Publication date:   02-Jul-2016
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • mushrooms
  • VAR
  • moisture content
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