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iHEART: a miniaturized near-infrared in-line gas sensor using heart-shaped substrate-integrated hollow waveguides

A novel heart-shaped substrate-integrated hollow waveguide (hiHWG) was integrated with a near-infrared micro-spectrometer (μNIR) for sensing natural gases, resulting in an ultra-compact near-infrared gas sensing system – iHEART. The iHEART system was evaluated using two different μNIR spectrometers, and the perform

Authors:   Rafael L. Ribessi; Thiago de A. Neves; Jarbas J. R. Rohwedder; Celio Pasquini; Ivo M. Raimundo; Andreas Wilk; Vjekoslav Kokoric; Boris Mizaikoff
Journal:   Analyst
DOI:   10.1039/C6AN01027J
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