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High efficiency Bi2Te3-based materials and devices for thermoelectric power generation between 100 and 300 ˚C

By suppressing intrinsic excitation in p-type Bi2Te3-based materials, we report an maximum and average zT values up to 1.4 and 1.2 between 100 and 300 ˚C, respectively. The thermoelectric mudules based on these high performance materials show an energy conversion efficiency up to 6.0% under a temperature gra

Authors:   Feng Hao; Pengfei Qiu; Yunshan Tang; Shengqiang Bai; Tong Xin; HsuShen Chu; Qihao Zhang; Ping Lu; Tiansong Zhang; Dudi Ren; Jikun Chen; Xun Shi; lidong chen
Journal:   Energy & Environmental Science
DOI:   10.1039/C6EE02017H
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