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Three-Dimensional Visualization of Transgenic Tobacco Leaves

30-Nov-2004 | Manpreet Kaur, Stanley M. Dunn, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

We have done a three-dimensional visualization of transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) leaves for the study of chloroplast gene expression and regulation. The aim was to visualize tobacco leaves shot with tungsten particles. These tungsten particles were coated with the foreign DNA and shot ...


Image Quality

30-Nov-2004 | Andres Kriete, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

An image quality measure based on information theory in digital microscopy is presented. In contrast to ad hoc definitions, the approach discussed here associates image quality with information, based on the definition of entropy and channel capacity. The method takes into account the received ...


A Method of Quantitative Measurement of Fluorescence Intensity by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy

30-Nov-2004 | Silvia Boi, Umberto Fascio, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

We present a method of quantitative measurement, by laser scanning microscope, of intensity of fluorescence in assays on concentration of fluorochromes in a sample. This method can be used to evaluate the DNA content or the concentration of any protein, marked by an appropriate fluorescent dye, ...


Iterative Multilevel Thresholding and Splitting for Three-Dimensional Segmentation of Live Cell Nuclei Using Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy

30-Nov-2004 | D. Luo, J. Barker, J. C. McGrath, C. J. Daly, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

Accurate thresholding and segmentation of three-dimensional structures within thick biological specimens is particularly difficult to achieve. However, there exists a vast array of possible methods and approaches with which to tackle this problem. In this paper, we describe the problems ...


Microscope Spectrophotometry with a Continuous Interference Filter

30-Nov-2004 | H. J. Swatland, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

Operating principles are described for microscope spectrophotometry using a continuous interference filter (CIF) powered by a DC motor operated from programmable relays and a multimeter. Optical fibers illuminated from green and red helium-neon lasers were used for calibration. A relatively slow ...


Three-Dimensional Fusion of Multispectral Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Images

30-Nov-2004 | Thomas C. Stubbings, Herbert Hutter, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

Imaging secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) is a powerful surface analysis tool capable of producing two-(2D) and three-dimensional (3D) spatially resolved images of element distributions. Both the 2D and the 3D imaging mode produce multispectral images, i.e., each image stack visualises the ...


Three-Dimensional Thinning Algorithm that Peels the Outmost Layer with Application to Neuron Tracing

30-Nov-2004 | Xingbai He, Eric Kischell, Marc Rioult, Timothy J. Holmes, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

A novel thinning algorithm for three-dimensional (3D) binary images is presented, with applications in the study of neuronal micro-anatomy by light microscopy. This algorithm satisfies properties important to many biological applications, including (a) connectivity preservation, (b) thinness, and ...


Total Differential Image Correction

30-Nov-2004 | C. Pollak, T. Stubbings, H. Hutter, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

Every imaging technique usually suffers more or less from two inaccuracies: nonhomogenous sensitivity of the recording device over the images area and spatial distortion. This work presents a method that corrects both errors by evaluating the changes of the images due to two small sample position ...


Deconvolution Combined with Digital Colocalization Analysis to Study the Spatial Distribution of Tight and Adherens Junction Proteins

30-Nov-2004 | Barbara M. Rothen-Rutishauser, Marius J. Messerli, Hans van der Voort, Maja Günthert, Heidi Wunderli-Allenspach, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

The relative spatial distribution of proteins was investigated with immunofluorescent methods by confocal laser scanning microscopy and digital image restoration. For confocal data sets recorded with a voxel dimension of 50 × 50 × 150 nm noise and blur can be decreased and the resolution in the ...


Axial Superresolution by Oblique Two-Dimensional Nondiffracting cos Beam Illumination

30-Nov-2004 | Carlos J. Zapata-Rodríguez, Manuel Martínez-Corral, Laura Muñoz-Escrivá, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

Nondiffracting cos beams may be used in the object space of an optical microscope for causing a nonuniform illumination. This irradiance distribution consists in a set of equidistant plane maxima, and therefore the light radiated by the sample decays in its neighborhood. We propose to observe ...


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