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Centroid, Centroid From Edge Vectors, and Shape Descriptor Using only Boundary Information

30-Nov-2004 | J.L. Ladaga, R.D. Bonetto, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

A simple algorithm is presented to obtain the area and the centroid of a plane homogeneous feature, by using only the coordinates of the boundary points. The algorithm also allow higher order moments to be calculated. From such centroid, and the centroid from edge vectors, we defined a shape ...


Detection of the Angular Distribution of the Signal Electrons in VLESEM

30-Nov-2004 | Miroslav Horáček, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

The topic of this work is the study of direct detection of electrons by Charge-Coupled-Devices (CCD). The aim is to design a detector for the angle and energy-selective detection of signal electrons in very low energy scanning electron microscopy (VLESEM), using an electron-bombarded CCD sensor ...


Comparison of Chromatographic Methods for the Determination of Bound Glycerol in Biodiesel

02-Jul-2004 | T. A. Foglia, K. C. Jones, A. Nuñez, J. G. Phillips, M. Mittelbach, Chromatographia, 2004

An important fuel criterion for biodiesel is bound glycerol, which is a function of the residual amount of triglycerides and partial glycerides in the biodiesel. Either high-temperature gas chromatography or high performance liquid chromatography can be used for determining these minor but ...


Equilibrium Between Acetaldehyde, Acetyl Halide and Corresponding 1-Haloethyl Acetates in Gas Chromatograph Injector. Calculation of Enthalpies of Reaction

02-Jun-2004 | J. Zakrzewski, Chromatographia, 2004

Gas chromatographic analysis of 1-chloroethyl acetate and 1-bromoethyl acetate revealed that the equilibrium between acetaldehyde, acetyl halide and the corresponding 1-haloethyl acetates exists in the injector of the chromatograph. Analyses were performed under strictly isothermal conditions of ...


Determination of Eupatilin in Human Plasma by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry

30-Mar-2004 | Hye Won Lee, Hye Young Ji, Hui Hyun Kim, Il Kwang Kim, Soon Hoe Kim, Won Bae Kim, Hye Suk Lee, Chromatographia, 2004

A rapid, sensitive and selective liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric method (LC-MS-MS) for the determination of eupatilin in human plasma has been developed. Eupatilin and an internal standard; ( S)- N-(3-{3-fluoro-4-[6-(1-methyl-1 ...


Study of the Electrophoretic Behaviour of Flavonoids

30-Mar-2004 | S. F. Wang, J. Y. Zhang, X. G. Chen, Z. D. Hu, Chromatographia, 2004

The electrophoretic behaviour of 13 flavonoids commonly found in medicinal plants has been studied. The performance of two modes of separation, capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) and micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography (MEKC), was assessed and compared. MEKC was found to be more ...


Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Four Purine Bases Using Porous Graphitic Carbon Column

30-Mar-2004 | L. Monser, Chromatographia, 2004

A high performance liquid chromatographic method has been developed for the simultaneous determination of hypoxanthine (Hx), xanthine (Xa), guanine (Gu) and adenine (Ad) in shellfish. The separation of these compounds was performed on a porous graphitic carbon column (100 × 4.6 mm I.D.) using ...


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