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CFD Simulation of Hydrodynamics Characteristics in a Tank Stirred by a Hollow Self‐Inducing Impeller

13-Jan-2018 | Liangchao Li, Ning Chen, Kefeng Xiang, Beiping Xiang, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2018

ABSTRACT Hollow self‐inducing impellers are often used in gas‐liquid stirred tanks in many industrial processes. To understand the hydrodynamics characteristics of this type of stirred tank under aerated and unaerated conditions, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation study was ...


Effect of Magnetic Field on the Ammonia‐Based CO2 Absorption Process

13-Jan-2018 | Yu Zhang, Jianmin Gao, Dongdong Feng, Qian Du, Shaohua Wu, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2018

Abstract The performance of ammonia‐based CO2 absorption under static magnetic field conditions was discussed. The removal efficiency of CO2, CO2 load, and absorption capacities were studied using a bubble reactor system. The CO2 removal efficiencies, CO2 load, and absorption capacity under ...


Reactive toughening of urea–formaldehyde resin with poly(vinyl alcohol) by formation of interpenetrating networks

13-Jan-2018 | Yalong Liu, Junling Yuan, Xiaowen Zhao, Lin Ye, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2018

A series of urea–formaldehyde/poly(vinyl alcohol) (UF/PVA) blends were prepared via in situ polymerization. During the synthesis process, intra‐ and intermolecular acetalization of PVA occurred, along with the addition and condensation reactions between urea and formaldehyde, resulting in the ...


Energy and Exergy Analysis of Power Generation Systems with Chemical‐Looping Combustion of Coal

12-Jan-2018 | Ming Luo, Yang Yi, Chao Wang, Ke Liu, Jianfeng Pan, Qian Wang, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract Coal direct chemical‐looping combustion (CD‐CLC) process and coal gasification chemical‐looping combustion (CG‐CLC) process are two basic approaches to the application of the CLC with coal. Based on these two approaches, two different combined cycle power generation systems with the ...


Selectivity of nanoporous MnO2 and TiO2 membranes for residual contaminants in treated wastewater

12-Jan-2018 | A. Giwa, S.M. Jung, M. Ahmed, W. Fang, J. Kong, S.W. Hasan, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract Treated effluent from an electrically‐enhanced membrane bioreactor (eMBR) was filtered through MnO2 or TiO2 nanoporous membranes for the removal of residual heavy metals, bacteria and biological oxygen demand (BOD). The fresh and spent membranes were characterized via ...


A Note on the Laplace Transform Treatment for Chemical Engineering Systems

12-Jan-2018 | Sanjeev Ahuja, Raj Kumar Arya, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract Significant confusion exists in the standard pedagogical presentations on the issue of 0– and 0+ in the Laplace transform treatment for linear systems. Moreover, L+ and L– approaches have been shown to yield the same solution, even as the issue has been of resurgent interest in the ...


Influence of external forces during supercooling on dispersion stability during melt emulsification

12-Jan-2018 | Serghei Abramov, Abdeljaouad Ahammou, Heike Petra Karbstein, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract A special high pressure homogenization process – simultaneous homogenization and mixing (SHM) – was applied to produce hexadecane(C16H34), octadecane(C18H38), eicosane(C20H42) and docosane(C22H46) in water dispersions. Additionally, a high shear stress zone (HSSZ) was connected to ...


High‐Throughput Production With Improved Functionality and Graphitization of Carbon Fine Fibers Developed from Sodium Chloride‐Polyacrylonitrile Precursors

12-Jan-2018 | Mandana Akia, Lee Cremar, Manuel Seas, Jahaziel Villarreal, Alejandra Valdez, Mataz Alcoutlabi, Karen Lozano, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2018

Fine polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibers were produced through a scalable centrifugal spinning process. Sodium chloride (NaCl) was added to the PAN‐dimethylformamide solution to decrease the surface tension and consequently promote a decrease in fiber diameter while increasing the fiber output. The ...


Volumetric Heat Transfer Coefficient in Fluidized Bed Dryers

11-Jan-2018 | Tibor Poós Dr., Viktor Szabó, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract In the literature there are several Nu=f(Re) equations to determine the heat transfer coefficient between solids and the drying gas, but these equations differ significantly because of the inaccuracy of determining the contact surface between the two phases. A pilot plant fluidized ...


3D‐printing for chemical process laboratories I: materials and connection principles

11-Jan-2018 | Authors: Marius Gerrit Gelhausen, Tim Feuerbach, Ansgar Schubert, David William Agar, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract This publication evaluates the fabrication of milliliter‐scale test structures for chemical process laboratories with a low‐cost 3D‐printer operating according to the principle of Fused Filament Fabrication. Different polymers such as polypropylene and polyvinylidene fluoride were ...


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