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Zeta-potential measurements of OTS-covered silica samples

25-Nov-2012 | Johannes Lützenkirchen, Christine Richter, Adsorption, 2012

We have carried out zeta-potential measurements on two different OTS (octadecyl-trichlorosilane)-covered silicas (fused silica, quartz 0001) prepared under identical conditions. Streaming current measurements on the fused silica supported OTS sample indicate a well reproducible IEP of 3.5. The ...


In situ small angle X-ray scattering and benzene adsorption on polymer-based carbon hollow fiber membranes

25-Nov-2012 | Evangelos P. Favvas, Konstantinos L. Stefanopoulos, Sergios K. Papageorgiou, Athanasios C. Mitropoulos, Adsorption, 2012

The structural changes and the mechanism of benzene adsorption on microporous carbon hollow fiber membranes with different surface and pore network properties have been investigated by in situ small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and benzene adsorption. Benzene adsorption measurements have been ...


Abnormally high heat generation by transition metals interacting with hydrogen and oxygen molecules

25-Nov-2012 | A. J. Groszek, Adsorption, 2012

Abnormally high heats, exceeding 2000 kJ/mol (20 eV) per molecule of O2, are generated by interaction of the oxygen with the hydrogen absorbed on palladium, gold and nickel particles at 25 °C to 220 °C. The highest heats were observed when the metals were treated with micromole quantities of ...


Charging of water at inert and hydrophobic surfaces. Effect on interfacial properties of silver halides

25-Nov-2012 | Nikola Kallay, Filip Šupljika, Tajana Preočanin, Adsorption, 2012

Isoelectric point of silver halides depends on pH due to charging of interfacial water layer. The isoelectric point of water at inert and hydrophobic surfaces lies at pH≈3 so that water at surfaces is negatively charged in the pH region above 4. Consequently the electroneutrality point of silver ...


Diffusion of n-alkanes in mesoporous 5A zeolites by ZLC method

08-Nov-2012 | Zhiping Liu, Weiming Fan, Zhaoteng Xue, Jinghong Ma, Ruifeng Li, Adsorption, 2012

Diffusion properties of mesostructured zeolite 5A were investigated by employing n-alkanes as probe molecules using the zero length column (ZLC) method. The mesopores were found to enhance molecule diffusion. Moreover, the effective diffusion time constant (D eff/R 2) increased with mesoporosity ...


A review on reactive adsorption for potential environmental applications

26-Oct-2012 | Manisha Sharma, Raj K. Vyas, Kailash Singh, Adsorption, 2012

The aim of this paper is to present a critical review on reactive adsorption processes. The impact of surface modification on adsorption behavior of various adsorbents in context of reactive adsorption has been reviewed. Various characterization and detection methods involved to access and verify ...


Adsorption, diffusion and catalysis of mesostructured zeolite HZSM-5

24-Oct-2012 | Zhiping Liu, Weiming Fan, Jinghong Ma, Ruifeng Li, Adsorption, 2012

Adsorption and diffusion properties of n-octane in meso-structured HZSM-5 zeolites were studied by high precision intelligent gravimetric analysis (IGA) and ZLC technology between 293 K and 393 K. As expected, great increase in adsorption capacity and diffusion efficient of n-octane in the ...


Application of mass spectrometry for study of the adsorption of multicomponent surfactant mixtures at the solid/solution interface

23-Oct-2012 | Mária Benkő, Sándor Puskás, Zoltán Király, Adsorption, 2012

The selective adsorption of the components of a polydisperse gemini surfactant blend (alkylbenzenesulfonate-Jeffamine salt, ABSJ) in aqueous solution onto Berea sandstone, a reference material in enhanced oil recovery (EOR), was investigated. The individual adsorption isotherms of the four, ...


Storage of hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide in electron-rich porous aromatic framework (JUC-Z2)

23-Oct-2012 | Cuiying Pei, Teng Ben, Yan Cui, Shilun Qiu, Adsorption, 2012

A 2D microporous electron-rich porous aromatic framework JUC-Z2 with high physicochemical stability and large surface area was studied in detail for their low-pressure N2, Ar, H2, CO2, CH4 sorption. Its hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide storage capacities are 181 cm3 g−1 (77 K/760 mmHg), 25 ...


A comparison on efficiency of virgin and sulfurized agro-based adsorbents for mercury removal from aqueous systems

17-Oct-2012 | Neda Asasian, Tahereh Kaghazchi, Adsorption, 2012

Mercury adsorption by sulfur impregnated adsorbents seems to be one of the most efficient ways for removal of this toxic metal ion from wastewater and atmosphere. The aim of this work was to develop a method for preparation of low-cost sulfurized adsorbent from agricultural wastes; this approach ...


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