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Studies on mesoporous niobosilicates synthesized using F127 triblock copolymer

17-Apr-2009 | Agnieszka Feliczak-Guzik, Agata Wawrzynczak, Izabela Nowak, Adsorption, 2009

A detailed characterization of cage-like mesoporous SBA-16 niobosilicate with tailored features of the structure is reported. The materials were synthesized in a EO106PO70EO106(F127)-water system under acidic conditions and the pore diameters were tuned by varying the hydrothermal treatment ...


Boron substituted graphene: energy landscape for hydrogen adsorption

10-Apr-2009 | L. Firlej, B. Kuchta, C. Wexler, P. Pfeifer, Adsorption, 2009

We have analyzed the modifications of interaction energy between a molecule of hydrogen and graphene layers partially substituted by boron. We show that the presence of boron modifies the symmetry of the energy landscape. It is due to both the larger boron size (with respect to carbon) and its ...


Synthesis, structure and adsorption properties of nanoporous SBA-15 materials with framework and surface functionalities

10-Apr-2009 | M. Barczak, S. Pikus, Barbara Skrzydło-Radomańska, A. Dąbrowski, Adsorption, 2009

Highly ordered SBA-15 nanoporous silica containing ethylene, phenylene bridges or/and amine, thiol, vinyl and phenyl surface groups were synthesized by using amphiphilic block copolymer as the structure-directing agent. The XRD data shows high degree of the order of the final structures. Obtained ...


Study of structure properties of organized silica sorbents synthesized on polymeric templates

31-Mar-2009 | Adam W. Marczewski, Anna Derylo-Marczewska, Iwona Skrzypek, Stanislaw Pikus, Maciej Kozak, Adsorption, 2009

Mesoporous silica materials were synthesized by applying Pluronic type polymers as pore creating agents. The composition of a reacting mixture and the process conditions were changed in a synthesis procedure. These changes differentiated the characteristics of porous structure of obtained ...


Zeta potential and surface free energy changes of solid-supported phospholipid (DPPC) layers caused by the enzyme phospholipase A2 (PLA2)

26-Mar-2009 | Malgorzata Jurak, Emil Chibowski, Adsorption, 2009

Stability and wetting properties changes of systems formed of phospholipid DPPC (1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine) layers covering silica particles or glass slides due to the phospholipase A2 (PLA2) action were determined by zeta potential measurements and the surface free energy ...


Dynamics of monolayer films formed on a substrate of square symmetry

26-Mar-2009 | A. Patrykiejew, W. Rżysko, S. Sokołowski, Adsorption, 2009

The paper discusses the ground state properties and dynamics of monolayer films formed by atomic adsorbates on a square lattice, being the (100) plane of a face centered cubic crystal. The vibrations of films ordered into the commensurate c(2×2) as well as into the recently discovered ordered ...


Porous graphitic carbon sorbents in biomedical and environmental applications

26-Mar-2009 | Monika Michel, Bogusław Buszewski, Adsorption, 2009

This review is written as a privilege of the work of Professor Mietek Jaroniec on surface phenomena, adsorption, chromatographic separations, chemistry of conventional and ordered nanoporous materials. The problems of the porous graphitic carbon (PGC) application in analytical field are ...


Effects of surface structure on the molecular projection area. Adsorption of argon and nitrogen onto defective surfaces

26-Mar-2009 | L. F. Herrera, D. D. Do, Adsorption, 2009

This paper studies the effects of surface structure (defective surfaces) on the molecular projection area of argon and nitrogen at 77 K. The determination of the molecular projection area is based on choice of the surface area of the structure studied and the adsorption data obtained from the ...


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