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Electrofluidic Circuit-Based Microfluidic Viscometer for Analysis of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Liquids under Different Temperatures

16-Jan-2018 | Tse-Ang Lee; Wei-Hao Liao; Yi-Fan Wu; Yeng-Long Chen; Yi-Chung Tung, Analytical Chemistry, 2018

This paper reports a microfluidic viscometer with an integrated pressure sensor based on electrofluidic circuits, which are electrical circuits constructed by ionic liquid-filled microfluidic channels. The electrofluidic circuit provides a pressure-sensing scheme with great long-term and thermal ...


Improving the Sensitivity of Solid-Phase Microextraction by Reducing the Volume of Off-Line Elution Solvent

16-Jan-2018 | Jianqiao Xu; Xiwen Liu; Qi Wang; Shuyao Huang; Li Yin; Jing Xu; Xianguo Liu; Ruifen Jiang; Fang Zhu; Gangfeng Ouyang, Analytical Chemistry, 2018

Solid-phase microextraction (SPME) coupled with liquid chromatograph (LC) is widely used to detect polar and ionic organic compounds, including various pharmaceuticals and endogenous bioactive compounds. In this study, a small-sized insert tube for use in the commercial autosampler vial was ...


Theoretical Treatment of Ion Transfers in Two Polarizable Interface Systems When the Analyte Has Access to Both Interfaces

16-Jan-2018 | José Manuel Olmos; Ángela Molina; Eduardo Laborda; Enrique Millán-Barrios; Joaquín Ángel Ortuño, Analytical Chemistry, 2018

A new theory is presented to tackle the study of transfer processes of hydrophilic ions in two polarizable interface systems when the analyte is initially present in both aqueous phases. The treatment is applied to macrointerfaces (linear diffusion) and microholes (highly convergent diffusion), ...


Single-Molecule Mechanochemical pH Sensing Revealing the Proximity Effect of Hydroniums Generated by an Alkaline Phosphatase

16-Jan-2018 | Prakash Shrestha; Yunxi Cui; Jia Wei; Sagun Jonchhe; Hanbin Mao, Analytical Chemistry, 2018

Due to the fast diffusion, small molecules such as hydronium ions (H3O+) are expected to be homogeneously distributed, even close to the site-of-origin. Given the importance of H3O+ in numerous processes, it is surprising that H3O+ concentration ([H3O+]) has yet to be profiled near its generation ...


Versatile Visual Logic Operations Based on Plasmonic Switching in Label-Free Molybdenum Oxide Nanomaterials

16-Jan-2018 | Wei Huang; Yan Zhou; Jiayan Du; Yuequan Deng; Yi He, Analytical Chemistry, 2018

Despite some visual colorimetric chemical logic gates having been reported, a complete set of six basic logic gates have not been realized to date. Moreover, the application of the reported logic gates needs to be further extended. Herein, the label-free molybdenum oxide nanomaterials are ...


Frequency-Based Analysis of Gramicidin A Nanopores Enabling Detection of Small Molecules with Picomolar Sensitivity

16-Jan-2018 | Young Hun Kim; Leibniz Hang; Jessica L. Cifelli; David Sept; Michael Mayer; Jerry Yang, Analytical Chemistry, 2018

Methods to detect low concentrations of small molecules are useful for a wide range of analytical problems including the development of clinical assays, the study of complex biological systems, and the detection of biological warfare agents. This paper describes a semisynthetic ion channel ...


Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds in a Drop of Urine by Ultrasonic Nebulization Extraction Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry

16-Jan-2018 | Xue Zou; Yan Lu; Lei Xia; Yating Zhang; Aiyue Li; Hongmei Wang; Chaoqun Huang; Chengyin Shen; Yannan Chu, Analytical Chemistry, 2018

Detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in human urine has potential application value in screening for disease and toxin exposure. However, the current technologies are too slow to detect the concentration of VOCs in fresh urine. In this study, we developed a novel ultrasonic nebulization ...


Sensitive Western-Blot Analysis of Azide-Tagged Protein Post Translational Modifications Using Thermoresponsive Polymer Self-Assembly

16-Jan-2018 | Tong Liu; Wanjun Zhang; Zheng Zhang; Mingli Chen; Jianhua Wang; Xiaohong Qian; Weijie Qin, Analytical Chemistry, 2018

Western-blot (WB) is a powerful analytical technique for protein identification in complex biological samples and has been widely used in biological studies for decades. Detection specificity and sensitivity of WB largely relies on quality of the antibodies and performance of the conjugated HRP. ...


Flow-Cell-Induced Dispersion in Flow-through Absorbance Detection Systems: True Column Effluent Peak Variance

16-Jan-2018 | Purnendu K. Dasgupta; Charles Phillip Shelor; Akinde Florence Kadjo; Karsten G. Kraiczek, Analytical Chemistry, 2018

Following a brief overview of the emergence of absorbance detection in liquid chromatography, we focus on the dispersion caused by the absorbance measurement cell and its inlet. A simple experiment is proposed wherein chromatographic flow and conditions are held constant but a variable portion of ...


Electrochemiluminescence Peptide-Based Biosensor with Hetero-Nanostructures as Coreaction Accelerator for the Ultrasensitive Determination of Tryptase

16-Jan-2018 | Fang-Fang Wu; Ying Zhou; Han Zhang; Ruo Yuan; Ya-Qin Chai, Analytical Chemistry, 2018

In this work, a luminol-centric biosensor was constructed for the ultrasensitive detection of tryptase (TPS) combining dissolved O2 as the endogenous coreactant and Au–Ag–Pt heteronanostructures (AAPHNs) as coreaction accelerator. Dissolved O2 could rapidly generate superoxide anion radical ...


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