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Hierarchical Assembly Involving Hydroxyethyl-substituted Imidazolium Cations and p-Sulfonatocalix[4]arenes

10-Jan-2010 | Irene Ling; Yatimah Alias; Brian W. Skelton; Colin L. Raston;, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Irene Ling, Yatimah Alias, Brian W. Skelton, Colin L. Raston - Volume 63(10) A multiple component bi-layer involving four different ions has preferential binding of 3-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1-methylimidazolium in the cavity of bowl shaped p-sulfonatocalix[4]arene, with the supermolecule being capped ...


Approaches to the Synthesis of the Galbulimima Alkaloid Himandrine

10-Jan-2010 | Patrick D. O'Connor; Giuseppe Del Signore; Matthew M. W. McLachlan; Anthony C. Willis; Lewis N. Mander;, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Patrick D. O'Connor, Giuseppe Del Signore, Matthew M. W. McLachlan, Anthony C. Willis, Lewis N. Mander - Volume 63(10) Approaches to the synthesis of the Galbulimima alkaloid himandrine, a compound that displays anticholinergic activity, are described. Key steps involve a Diels–Alder reaction, ...


A First Generation Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of (+)-Galanthamine

10-Jan-2010 | Martin G. Banwell; Xinghua Ma; Ochitha P. Karunaratne; Anthony C. Willis;, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Martin G. Banwell, Xinghua Ma, Ochitha P. Karunaratne, Anthony C. Willis - Volume 63(10) The microbially derived and enantiopure cis-1,2-dihydrocatechol 2 has been converted over nine chemical steps, including one involving an Eschenmoser–Claisen rearrangement, into the cyclohexene 11. The ...


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