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Performance of microbial fuel cells with and without nafion solution as cathode binding agent

31-Mar-2010 | Yuelong, Huang , Zhen, He , Florian, Mansfeld, Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

The performance of tubular microbial fuel cells (MFC) with and without Nafion solution as binding agent for the cathode catalysts preparation was investigated using different electrochemical techniques. The current output of both types of MFCs was monitored as a function of time using an external ...


High sensitive calixarene-based sensor for detection dopamine by electrochemical and acoustic methods

30-Mar-2010 | Maja, Šnejdárková , Alexandra, Poturnayová , Peter, Rybár , Pavel, Lhoták , Michal, Himl , ..., Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

We synthesized 25,26,27,28-tetrakis(11-sulfanylundecyloxy)calix[4]arene (CALIX) sensitive to dopamine and confirmed its structure by 1H NMR and mass spectrometry. Chemisorption of CALIX molecules or their mixtures with 1-dodecanethiols (DDT) or hexadecanethiols (HDT) resulted in formation of ...


Application of mass fabricated silicon-based gold transducers for amperometric biosensors

30-Mar-2010 | Robert, Ziółkowski , Łukasz, Górski , Michał, Zaborowski , Elżbieta, Malinowska, Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

The back-side contact, silicon-based transducers with vacuum deposited gold layer (BSC) are evaluated as the base for electrochemical biosensors construction. Their comparison with commercially available transducers with screen printed gold and traditional gold disc electrode is reported. To ...


Electrochemical reduction mechanism of camptothecin at glassy carbon electrode

29-Mar-2010 | Afzal, Shah , Victor C., Diculescu , Rumana, Qureshi , Ana Maria, Oliveira-Brett, Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

Camptothecin (CPT), is a cytotoxic quinoline alkaloid endowed with the inhibition of topoisomerase I, an essential enzyme for the normal functioning of DNA. The redox behavior of CPT was investigated at a glassy carbon electrode using cyclic, differential pulse and square wave voltammetry. It was ...


Cellular apoptosis by nanosecond, high-intensity electric pulses: Model evaluation of the pulsing threshold and extrinsic pathway

29-Mar-2010 | Jiahui, Song , Ravindra P., Joshi , Stephen J., Beebe, Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

A simple, bistable rate-equation based model is used to predict trends of cellular apoptosis following electric pulsing. The caspase-8 extrinsic pathway with inherent delays in its activation, cytochrome c release, and an internal feedback mechanism between caspase-3 and cleavage of Bid are ...


Sorption properties of algae Spirogyra sp. and their use for determination of heavy metal ions concentrations in surface water

29-Mar-2010 | Małgorzata, Rajfur , Andrzej, Kłos , Maria, Wacławek, Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

Kinetics of heavy-metal ions sorption by alga Spirogyra sp. was evaluated experimentally in the laboratory, using both the static and the dynamic approach. The metal ions – Mn2+, Cu2+, Zn2+ and Cd2+ – were sorbed from aqueous solutions of their salts. The static experiments showed that the ...


Layer-by-layer assembly of collagen and electroactive myoglobin

29-Mar-2010 | Xin, Miao , Yi, Liu , Wenchao, Gao , Naifei, Hu, Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

In this work, an electrochemically inert protein collagen was successfully assembled with electroactive myoglobin (Mb) into {collagen/Mb}n layer-by-layer (LbL) films on solid surfaces. UV-vis spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry (CV) were used to confirm the film growth and characterize the films. ...


Molecularly Imprinted Poly[bis(2,2’-bithienyl)methane] Film with Built-in Molecular Recognition Sites for a Piezoelectric Microgravimetry Chemosensor for Selective Determination of Dopamine

29-Mar-2010 | Agnieszka, Pietrzyk , Subramanian, Suriyanarayanan , Wlodzimierz, Kutner , Eranda, Maligaspe , Melvin E., Zandle ..., Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

A piezoelectric microgravimetry (PM) chemosensor, featuring a film of molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) of poly[bis(2,2’-bithienyl)methane] bearing either a 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl or benzo-18-crown-6 substituent, for selective determination of dopamine was devised and tested. A Pt/quartz resonator ...


Electroporation and alternating current cause membrane permeation of photodynamic cytotoxins yielding necrosis and apoptosis of cancer cells

10-Mar-2010 | Nelly, Traitcheva , Hermann, Berg, Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

In order to increase the permeability of cell membranes for low doses of cytostatic drugs, two bioelectrochemical methods have been compared: (a) electric pore formation in the plasma membranes by single electric impulses (electroporation), (b) reordering of membrane structure by alternating ...


Synergistic electrochemotherapy on cancer cells by photodynamically active cytostatic agents

04-Mar-2010 | Maya, Lambreva , Hermann, Berg, Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

Two reliable methods have been combined: i) the electroporation of the cell membranes for facilitating the sensitizer incorporation into hystiocytic human lymphoma cells U- 937 and (ii) thephotodynamics applied by excitation of natural and synthetic sensitizers for cancer therapy. In the case of ...


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