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Application of peptide nucleic acid towards development of Nanobiosensor arrays

02-Mar-2010 | Ravindra P., Singh , Byung-Keun, Oh , Jeong-Woo, Choi, Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

Peptide nucleic acid (PNA) is the modified DNA or DNA analog with neutral peptide backbone instead of a negatively charged sugar phosphate. PNA exhibits chemical stability, resistant to enzymatic degradation inside living cell, recognizing specific sequences of nucleic acid, formation of stable ...


Electrochemistry of interaction of 2-(2-nitrophenyl)-benzimidazole derivatives with DNA

19-Feb-2010 | Mabel, Catalán , Alejandro, Álvarez-Lueje , Soledad, Bollo, Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

In this study the interaction between new benzimidazole molecules, 2-(2-nitrophenyl)-1H-benzimidazole (NB) and N-benzoyl-2-(2-nitrophenyl)-benzimidazole (BNB), with dsDNA and ssDNA was assessed at pH 7.4. Using differential pulse voltammetry at glassy carbon electrode, both molecules were ...


Effect of nano - topographical features of Ti/TiO2 electrode surface on cell response and electrochemical stability in artificial saliva

10-Feb-2010 | I., Demetrescu , C., Pirvu , V., Mitran, Bioelectrochemistry, 2010

The paper is a new approach which aims to evaluate the relation between surface aspects (wettability and roughness) of materials based on titanium with native passive TiO2 as untreated samples and TiO2 nanotubes as treated discs respectively, their electrochemical stability in artificial saliva, ...


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