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Self-organization of polyaniline during oxidative polymerization: formation of granular structure

26-Nov-2012 | Mikhail A. Shishov, Vyacheslav A. Moshnikov, Irina Yu. Sapurina, Chemical Papers, 2012

The paper is focused on oxidative polymerization of aniline proceeding in an acid medium with a strong oxidant; formation of polyaniline (PANI) granular structures in different steps of the synthesis was studied. The relationship between the processes of self-organization of the growing polymer ...


Prediction of anti-tuberculosis activity of 3-phenyl-2H-1,3-benzoxazine-2,4(3H)-dione derivatives

19-Nov-2012 | Peter Nemeček, Ján Mocák, Jozef Lehotay, Karel Waisser, Chemical Papers, 2012

Correlation analysis and, in particular, artificial neural networks (ANN) were used to predict the anti-mycobacterial activity of substituted 3-phenyl-2H-1,3-benzoxazine-2,4(3H)-diones (PBODs) by quantitative structure — activity relationship (QSAR) calculations. Initially, sixty-four derivatives ...


Experimental investigation of bubble and drop formation at submerged orifices

19-Nov-2012 | Nicolas Dietrich, Nadia Mayoufi, Souhil Poncin, Huai-Zhi Li, Chemical Papers, 2012

The aim of this study was to investigate bubble/drop formation at a single submerged orifice in stagnant Newtonian fluids and to gain qualitative understanding of the formation mechanism. The effects of various governing parameters were studied. Formation behavior of bubbles and drops in ...


Comparison of polymeric and ceramic membranes performance in the process of micellar enhanced ultrafiltration of cadmium(II) ions from aqueous solutions

19-Nov-2012 | Katarzyna Staszak, Zofia Karaś, Karolina Jaworska, Chemical Papers, 2012

A comparison of polymeric and ceramic membranes in the ultrafiltration process was studied and presented. This study was conducted on the separation of cadmium(II) ions, with particular reference to parameters such as hydrodynamic permeability coefficient, membrane fouling, amount of surfactant ...


An efficient method for the preparation of benzyl γ-ketohexanoates

19-Nov-2012 | Muhammad Iqbal, Imam B. Baloch, Musa K. Baloch, Chemical Papers, 2012

Twenty acid chlorides, 4-(mono/di-benzyloxy)-4-ketobutanoyl chlorides (Ia-XXa) were synthesised by the reaction of monoesters of succinic acid with thionyl chloride. The product thus obtained (4-benzyloxy-4-ketobutanoyl chlorides) was treated with diethylcadmium to convert it into the ...


Synthesis and keto-enol tautomerism of ethyl 4-oxo-3,4-dihydro-1H-pyrano[3,4-b]quinoline-3-carboxylate

19-Nov-2012 | Ming-Qin Chang, Feng Gao, Yang Li, Wen-Tao Gao, Chemical Papers, 2012

An efficient method has been developed for the synthesis of a novel β-keto ester-containing pyranoquinoline compound, i.e., ethyl 4-oxo-3,4-dihydro-1H-pyrano[3,4-b]quinoline-3-carboxylate. The method entails a two-step synthesis. The first step involves the Williamson-type reaction of ethyl ...


Cadmium concentration stabilization in a continuous sulfate reducing bioreactor via sulfide concentration control

26-Oct-2012 | Pablo Antonio López Pérez, M. Isabel Neria González, Ricardo Aguilar López, Chemical Papers, 2012

Cadmium concentration stabilization in a single input-single output continuous bioreactor via sulfide concentration, as the controlled and measured output state variable, was assumed. For the above process, a novel kinetic model of the sulfate-reducing process for cadmium removal was proposed and ...


Bulgarian natural diatomites: modification and characterization

26-Oct-2012 | Paunka S. Vassileva, Madlena S. Apostolova, Albena K. Detcheva, Elisaveta H. Ivanova, Chemical Papers, 2012

Natural Bulgarian diatomite modified by oxidation with sulfuric acid and H2O2 or by coating with manganese oxide was characterized considering its chemical composition, surface area, pore volume, and structure. Modified diatomites displayed larger surface area and pore volumes in comparison with ...


Conducting polyaniline/multi-wall carbon nanotubes composite paints on low carbon steel for corrosion protection: electrochemical investigations

26-Oct-2012 | Pravin P. Deshpande, Sanket S. Vathare, Shashikant T. Vagge, Elena Tomšík, Jaroslav Stejskal, Chemical Papers, 2012

The coaxial coating of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) with poly(aniline) (PANI) was synthesised and a paint was prepared containing conducting PANI-MWCNT composite. The corrosion protection performance was assessed by open circuit potential measurements, potentiodynamic polarisation, and ...


Synthesis, characterisation, and DC conductivity of polyaniline-lead oxide composites

26-Oct-2012 | Ameena Parveen, Raghunandan Dashpande, Shakeel Ahmed, Aashis S. Roy, Chemical Papers, 2012

The polyaniline-PbO composites of various mass fractions were prepared by in situ polymerisation. The prepared samples were characterised by FTIR, and the dominant peaks confirmed the formation of polyaniline-PbO composites. The SEM study shows a granular agglomerated morphology, and increases ...


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