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Numerical properties of equations involving high-order derivatives of pressure with respect to volume

28-Nov-2009 | Claude F. Leibovici, Dan Vladimir Nichita, Chemical Papers, 2009

This paper presents some unexpected features related to the solution of equations containing a high-order derivative of pressure with respect to volume equated to zero. For pure components, such equations define, in the pressure-temperature plane, nodal curves similar in shape to mixture spinodal ...


Influence of tungsten sources on the synthesis and properties of ammonium dioxothiotungstate

28-Nov-2009 | Yunfei Bi, Shuangqin Zeng, Dadong Li, Hong Nie, Chemical Papers, 2009

Ammonium dioxothiotungstate was synthesized using different tungsten sources and characterized in detail by powder X-ray diffraction, energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry, transmission electron microscopy, nitrogen adsorption, and temperature-programmed sulfidation. It was found that tungsten ...


1,7′-dimethyl-2′-propyl-1H,3′H-2,5′-bibenzo[d]imidazole as a corrosion inhibitor of mild steel in 1 M HCl

28-Nov-2009 | Niketan S. Patel, Smita Jauhari, Girishkumar N. Mehta, Chemical Papers, 2009

Inhibition effect of imidazole derivative 1,7′-dimethyl-2′-propyl-1H,3′H-2,5′-bibenzo[d]imidazole (DPBI) against mild steel corrosion in 1 M HCl solutions was evaluated using the conventional mass loss method, potentiodynamic polarization, linear polarization, and electrochemical impedance ...


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