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New development in the enantioselective synthesis of spiro compounds

03-Jul-2018 | Aishun Ding; Marta Meazza; Hao Guo; Jung Woon Yang; Ramon Rios, Chemical Society Reviews, 2018

The enantioselective synthesis of spirocycles has long been pursued by organic chemists. Despite their unique 3D properties and presence in several natural products, the difficulty in their enantioselective synthesis makes them underrepresented in pharmaceutical libraries. Since the first ...


Continuous flow biocatalysis

26-Jun-2018 | Joshua Britton; Sudipta Majumdar; Gregory A. Weiss, Chemical Society Reviews, 2018

The continuous flow synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, value-added chemicals, and materials has grown tremendously over the past ten years. This revolution in chemical manufacturing has resulted from innovations in both new methodology and technology. This field, however, has been ...


Electrochemical strategies for C–H functionalization and C–N bond formation

26-Jun-2018 | Markus D. Kärkäs, Chemical Society Reviews, 2018

Conventional methods for carrying out carbon–hydrogen functionalization and carbon–nitrogen bond formation are typically conducted at elevated temperatures, and rely on expensive catalysts as well as the use of stoichiometric, and perhaps toxic, oxidants. In this regard, electrochemical synthesis ...


Tailoring inorganic nanoadjuvants towards next-generation vaccines

26-Jun-2018 | Xia Li; Xiupeng Wang; Atsuo Ito, Chemical Society Reviews, 2018

Vaccines, one of the most effective and powerful public health measures, have saved countless lives over the past century and still have a tremendous global impact. As an indispensable component of modern vaccines, adjuvants play a critical role in strengthening and/or shaping a specific immune ...


Harnessing the properties of colloidal quantum dots in luminescent solar concentrators

26-Jun-2018 | Yufeng Zhou; Haiguang Zhao; Dongling Ma; Federico Rosei, Chemical Society Reviews, 2018

Luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) can serve as large-area sunlight collectors, are suitable for applications in high-efficiency and cost-effective photovoltaics (PVs), and provide adaptability to the needs of architects for building-integrated PVs, which makes them an attractive option for ...


The polyol process: a unique method for easy access to metal nanoparticles with tailored sizes, shapes and compositions

20-Jun-2018 | F. Fiévet; S. Ammar-Merah; R. Brayner; F. Chau; M. Giraud; F. Mammeri; J. Peron; J.-Y. Piquemal; L. Sicard; G. Viau, Chemical Society Reviews, 2018

After about three decades of development, the polyol process is now widely recognized and practised as a unique soft chemical method for the preparation of a large variety of nanoparticles which can be used in important technological fields. It offers many advantages: low cost, ease of use and, ...


Questions in natural products synthesis research that can (and cannot) be answered using computational chemistry

20-Jun-2018 | Dean J. Tantillo, Chemical Society Reviews, 2018

Questions of relevance to those working in the field of natural products synthesis that can be answered, at least in part, using computational chemistry approaches are described. Illustrative examples are provided, as are descriptions of limitations.


Remote manipulation of upconversion luminescence

20-Jun-2018 | Yu Wang; Kezhi Zheng; Shuyan Song; Dianyuan Fan; Hongjie Zhang; Xiaogang Liu, Chemical Society Reviews, 2018

The precise control over the luminescence profile of lanthanide-doped upconversion nanomaterials is of fundamental importance for their applications in wide-ranging fields of research. Conventional chemical approaches can lead to color-tunable emissions, but they generally require stringent ...


Single-site and nano-confined photocatalysts designed in porous materials for environmental uses and solar fuels

20-Jun-2018 | Hiromi Yamashita; Kohsuke Mori; Yasutaka Kuwahara; Takashi Kamegawa; Meicheng Wen; Priyanka Verma; Michel Che, Chemical Society Reviews, 2018

Silica-based micro-, meso-, macro-porous materials offer attractive routes for designing single-site photocatalysts, supporting semiconducting nanoparticles, anchoring light-responsive metal complexes, and encapsulating metal nanoparticles to drive photochemical reactions by taking advantage of ...


Synergy between nanomaterials and volatile organic compounds for non-invasive medical evaluation

20-Jun-2018 | Yoav Y. Broza; Rotem Vishinkin; Orna Barash; Morad K. Nakhleh; Hossam Haick, Chemical Society Reviews, 2018

This article is an overview of the present and ongoing developments in the field of nanomaterial-based sensors for enabling fast, relatively inexpensive and minimally (or non-) invasive diagnostics of health conditions with follow-up by detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) excreted from ...


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