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Pyro-catalytic hydrogen evolution by Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3 nanoparticles: harvesting cold–hot alternation energy near room-temperature

20-Jun-2018 | Xiaoli Xu; Lingbo Xiao; Yanmin Jia; Zheng Wu; Feifei Wang; Yaojin Wang; Neale O. Haugen; Haitao Huang, Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution, as an environmental-friendly, energy-saving and simple process, has been widely reported. However, there are some important factors that prohibit practical application of photocatalytic hydrogen production, including the low efficiency of solar energy ...


Enabling alternative ethylene production through its selective adsorption in the metal–organic framework Mn2(m-dobdc)

20-Jun-2018 | Jonathan E. Bachman; Douglas A. Reed; Matthew T. Kapelewski; Gaurav Chachra; Divya Jonnavittula; Guido Radaelli; Jef ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

The unique adsorptive properties of metal–organic frameworks open the door to new processes for energy and raw materials production. One such process is the oxidative coupling of methane for the generation of ethylene, which has limited viability due to the high cost of cryogenic distillation. ...


Stackable bipolar pouch cells with corrosion-resistant current collectors enable high-power aqueous electrochemical energy storage

20-Jun-2018 | Brian Evanko; Seung Joon Yoo; Jason Lipton; Sang-Eun Chun; Martin Moskovits; Xiulei Ji; Shannon W. Boettcher; Galen ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

A critical bottleneck in the development of aqueous electrochemical energy storage systems is the lack of viable complete cell designs. We report a metal-free, bipolar pouch cell designed with carbon black/polyethylene composite film (CBPE) current collectors as a practical cell architecture. The ...


Solar thermal-driven capacitance enhancement of supercapacitors

20-Jun-2018 | Fang Yi; Huaying Ren; Keren Dai; Xiaofeng Wang; Yingzhou Han; Kexin Wang; Ke Li; Baolu Guan; Jie Wang; Miao Tang; ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

Solar energy is a renewable and abundant energy source that has myriad potential applications to be tapped. Energy storage devices often present diminishing performance at lower temperatures, sometimes they even fail during cold weathers, therefore a renewable technology to spur such sluggish ...


A Highly Active, CO2-tolerant Electrode for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

20-Jun-2018 | Yu Chen; Seonyoung Yoo; yongman Choi; Jun Hyuk Kim; Yong Ding; Kai Pei; Ryan Murphy; Yanxiang Zhang; Bote Zhao; Weil ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

One challenge facing the development of high-performance cathode for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) is the fast degradation rate of cathodes due to poisoning of contaminants commonly encountered in ambient air such as CO2. Here we report a double perovskite PrBa0.8Ca0.2Co2O5+δ (PBCC) cathode with ...


Realizing high performance n-type PbTe via synergistically optimizing effective mass, carrier mobility and suppressing bipolar thermal conductivity

20-Jun-2018 | Li-Dong Zhao; Yu Xiao; Haijun Wu; Juan Cui; Dongyang Wang; Liangwei Fu; Yang Zhang; Yue Chen; Jiaqing He; Stephen Jo ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

Thermoelectric materials enable the direct inter-conversion between electrical energy and thermal energy. The conversion efficiency is limited by its complex interdependent thermoelectric parameters. Here, we report that the electrical and thermal transport properties of n-type PbTe can be ...


Boosting oxygen reduction catalysis with abundant copper single atom active sites

12-Jun-2018 | Feng Li; Gao-Feng Han; Hyuk-Jun Noh; Seok-Jin Kim; yalin lu; Hu Young Jeong; Zhengping Fu; Jong-Beom Baek, Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

With their high catalytic activity, stability, selectivity, and 100 % atom utilization, single atomic non-noble metal based materials are valuable alternatives to efficient but expensive Pt based catalysts. For efficient catalysis, the single-atom catalysts must expose abundant single atomic ...


Rapid Flame Doping of Co to WS2 for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution

12-Jun-2018 | Xinjian Shi; Meredith Fields; Junsuk Park; Joshua Michael McEnaney; Hongping Yan; Yirui Zhang; Charlie Tsai; Thomas ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

Transition metal sulfides have been widely studied as electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Though elemental doping is an effective way to enhance sulfide activity for HER, most studies have only focused on the effect of doping sulfide edge sites. Few studies have ...


Combinatorial Alloying Improves Bismuth Vanadate Photoanodes via Reduced Monoclinic Distortion

12-Jun-2018 | Paul Newhouse; Dan Guevarra; Mitsutaro Umehara; Sebastian E. Reyes-Lillo; Lan Zhou; David A Boyd; Santosh K Suram; J ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

Improving the efficiency of solar-power oxygen evolution is both critical for development of solar fuels technologies and challenging due to the broad set of properties required of a solar fuels photoanode. Bismuth vanadate, in particular the monoclinic clinobisvanite phase, has received ...


A hydrogel-based antifouling solar evaporator for highly efficient water desalination

12-Jun-2018 | Xingyi Zhou; Fei Zhao; Youhong Guo; Yi Zhang; Guihua Yu, Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

Solar desalination is a promising method for large-scale water purification by utilizing sustainable energy. However, current high-rate solar evaporation often relies on optical concentration due to the diffusion of natural sunlight, which leads to inadequate energy supply. Here we demonstrate a ...


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