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High‐order stimulated Raman scattering in tetragonal CaYAlO4 crystal‐host for Ln3+‐lasant ions

30-Jan-2012 | A.A. Kaminskii, X. Xu, O. Lux, H. Rhee, H.J. Eichler, J. Zhang, D. Zhou, A. Shirakawa, K. Ueda, J. Xu, Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract Multiple Stokes and anti‐Stokes χ(3)‐nonlinear generation in the tetragonal crystal of CaYAlO4 was observed at 300K and ≈9K under picosecond excitation in the visible spectral range. All the recorded Raman induced laser lines were identified and attributed to the SRS‐promoting ...


Accurate and noninvasive embryos screening during in vitro fertilization (IVF) assisted by Raman analysis ofembryos culture medium

30-Jan-2012 | Shen, A.G.; Peng, J.; Zhao, Q.H.; Su, L.; Wang, X.H.; Hu, J.M.; Yang, Q., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract In combination with morphological evaluation tests, we employ Raman spectroscopy to select higher potential reproductive embryos during in vitro fertilization (IVF) based on chemical composition of embryos culture medium. In this study, 57 Raman spectra are acquired from both higher ...


Diode‐pumped continuous‐wave blue laser operation of Nd:GGG at 467.0, 467.7, and 468.5 nm

30-Jan-2012 | Xu, B.; Camy, P.; Doualan, J.L.; Braud, A.; Cai, Z.P.; Brenier, A.; Moncorgé, R., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract Intra‐cavity frequency doubling of continuous‐wave (CW) laser emission on the quasi‐three level (4F3/2 → 4I9/2) laser transition of Nd3+ in Nd:GGG is reported by using a three‐mirror folded resonator. The thermal lens experienced by the optically‐pumped Nd:GGG laser crystal is measured ...


New modality in optical microscopy based on laser with injected radiation

30-Jan-2012 | Gonchukov, S.A.; Lonkina, T.V.; Yermachenko, V.M., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract In this work it is shown, that laser with injection of reflected radiation can possess the high longitudinal spatial selectivity. Laser figures here both the emitter and the detector of radiation. This attribute, having volumetric character for laser fields, can be considered as a new ...


Compact passively Q‐switched diode‐pumped Tm:KY(WO4)2 laser with 8 ns/30/LJ pulses

30-Jan-2012 | Gaponenko, M.S.; Onushchenko, A.A.; Kisel, V.E.; Malyarevich, A.M.; Yumashev, K.V.; Kuleshov, N.V., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract A compact diode‐pumped solid‐state Tm:KY(WO4)2 laser with cavity length of 1 cm passively Q‐switched with a PbS‐quantum‐dot‐based saturable absorber is presented. The laser operates at the wavelength of 1.94 µm and produces pulses with duration of 8 ns and energy of 30 µJ at the ...


Transmission spectroscopy of dengue viral infection

30-Jan-2012 | Firdous, S.; Ahmed, M.; Rehman, A.; Nawaz, M.; Anwar, S.; Murtaza, S., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract We presented the rapid diagnostic test for dengue infection based on light spectrum of human blood. The transmission spectra of dengue infected whole blood samples have been recorded in ultra violet to near infrared range (400–800 nm) of about 30 conformed infected patients and ...


Spectroscopic properties and laser performance of a new mixed Yb0.015:Lu0.162Gd0.823VO4 crystal

30-Jan-2012 | Liu, J.; Kong, W.; Han, W.; Zhang, H.; Mateos, X.; Petrov, V., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract Spectroscopic properties and continuous‐wave laser performance of a new Yb0.015:Lu0.162Gd0.823VO4 mixed vanadate crystal are reported. An appreciable discontinuous increase in output power occurs during the σ ‐ to π ‐polarization switching process in the laser oscillation. A maximum ...


Stimulated Raman scattering spectroscopy and χ(3)‐nonlinear lasing effects in single crystals of aragonite (orthorhombic CaCO3)

30-Jan-2012 | Kaminskii, A.A.; Rhee, H.; Lux, O.; Eichler, H.J.; Koltashev, V.V.; Kleinschrodt, R.; Bohatý, L.; Becker, P., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract The present work gives a brief review of the nonlinear χ(2)‐ and χ(3)‐lasing properties of SRS‐active natural crystals (minerals) known so far. This compilation complements new results of a detailed investigation of Raman induced χ(3)‐effects in aragonite single crystals (orthorhombic ...


Trajectory interferences in a semi‐infinite gas cell

16-Jan-2012 | Teichmann, S.M.; Austin, D.R.; Bates, P.; Cousin, S.; Grün, A.; Clerici, M.; Lotti, A.; Faccio, D.; Di Trapani, ..., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract We observe ring structures in high‐order harmonics generated in the loose focusing geometry of a semi‐infinite gas cell. Phase matching and absorption considerations indicate that the measured signal is restricted to the harmonics generated in the exit plane. We therefore attribute the ...


Attosecond pulse synthesis and arbitrary waveform generation with cascaded harmonics of an injection‐seeded high‐power Q‐switched Nd:YAG laser

16-Jan-2012 | Chen, W.‐J.; Wang, H.‐Z.; Lin, R.‐Y.; Lee, C.‐K.; Pan, C.‐L., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract We propose a new scheme of attosecond pulse generation by starting from a narrow‐band transform‐limited high‐power solid‐state laser and phase lock the fundamental and its first four cascaded harmonics generated by the second‐order nonlinear optical processes. The relative phase among ...


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