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Efficient diode‐end‐pumped Yb:CaNb2O6 thin‐disk laser at 1003 nm and second‐harmonic generation for an emission at 501.5 nm

16-Jan-2012 | Li, J.H.; Liu, X.H.; Wu, J.B.; Zhang, X.; Li, Y.L.; Zhang, Y.C.; Fu, X.H., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract Thanks to its high emission cross section around 1 µm, Yb:CaNb2O6 is a good candidate for laser operation near 1 µm as shown in our figure of merit. We demonstrated, for the first time to our knowledge, laser operation of Yb:CaNb2O6 at 1003 nm. More than 2.23 W at 1003 nm and 577 mW at ...


Experimental realization of counterfactual quantum cryptography

16-Jan-2012 | Brida, G.; Cavanna, A.; Degiovanni, I.P.; Genovese, M.; Traina, P., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract In counterfactual quantum key distribution (CQKD) information is transferred, in a secure way, between Alice and Bob even when no particle carrying the information is in fact transmitted between them. In this letter we fully implement the scheme for CQKD proposed in [1], demonstrating ...


Nonlinear protein – nucleic acid crosslinking induced by femtosecond UV laser pulses in living cells

16-Jan-2012 | Altucci, C.; Nebbioso, A.; Benedetti, R.; Esposito, R.; Carafa, V.; Conte, M.; Micciarelli, M.; Altucci, L.; Velotta, R., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract We investigate the interactions between proteins and DNA in solutions of living cells, triggered by UV, 200‐fs laser pulses. DNA‐protein crosslinking is obtained with two different techniques: conventional chemical or laser‐induced. Our results evidence a nonlinear response of the ...


Harmonic and single pulse operation of a Raman laser using graphene

16-Jan-2012 | Castellani, C.E.S.; Kelleher, E.J.R.; Luo, Z.; Wu, K.; Ouyang, C.; Shum, P.P.; Shen, Z.; Popov, S.V.; Taylor, J.R., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract We present an all‐fiber passively mode‐locked Ra‐man laser using graphene as a saturable absorber. Different lengths of a highly non‐linear fiber presenting normal dispersion at both pump and signal wavelengths are used in the cavity to provide Raman amplification. The cavity is pumped ...


Multiwavelength mode‐locked erbium‐doped fiber laser based on the interaction of graphene and fiber‐taper evanescent field

16-Jan-2012 | Luo, Z.Q.; Wang, J.Z.; Zhou, M.; Xu, H.Y.; Cai, Z.P.; Ye, C.C., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract We report on the generation of multiwavelength passively mode‐locked pulses in an erbium‐doped fiber laser (EDFL) based on the interaction of graphene and fiber‐taper evanescent field. Graphene‐polymer nanocomposites in aqueous suspension are trapped by the optical evanescent light and ...


Electrical pulse – mediated enhanced delivery of silver nanoparticles into living suspension cells for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy

16-Jan-2012 | Lin, J.; Yu, Y.; Li, B.; Huang, H.; Lin, S.; Li, C.; Su, Y.; Feng, S.; Chen, G.; Li, Y.; Huang, Z.; Zeng, H.; Chen, R., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract Electrical pulse‐mediated enhanced silver nanoparticles delivery is a much better method for intracellular surfaceenhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) measurements of suspension cells. Robust and high‐quality SERS spectra of living suspension cells were obtained based on an ...


End‐pumping ZnWO4:Tm3+ at ∼ 1.9 μ m eye‐safe laser

16-Jan-2012 | Yang, F.G.; You, Z.Y.; Tu, C.Y., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract The ZnWO4:Tm3+ single crystal has been grown by Czochralski method and the concentration of Tm3+ is 0.2 at.%. End‐wing ‐pumping ZnWO4:Tm3+ crystal by 795 nm LD, we obtain a novel ∼ 1.9 μ m eye‐safe laser. At different temperatures, the laser output versus pump power is measured. At 283 ...


High‐power diode‐pumped Nd:Lu2O3 crystal continuouswave thin‐disk laser at 1359 nm

16-Jan-2012 | Li, J.H.; Liu, X.H.; Wu, J.B.; Zhang, X.; Li, Y.L., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract We present for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, a 1359 nm continuous‐wave (CW) Nd:Lu2O3 laser based on the 4F5/2 – 4F13/2 transition. The use of a pump module with 16 passes through the crystal allowed the realization of a Nd:Lu2O3 thin‐disk laser with 3.52 W of CW output ...


Supercontinuum generation up to 2.7 µm in the germanate‐glass‐core and silica‐glass‐cladding fiber

16-Jan-2012 | Kamynin, V.A.; Kurkov, A.S.; Mashinsky, V.M., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract We have realized supercontinuum source based on the silica‐cladding fiber with the germanate‐glass‐core pumped by Q‐switched Er‐doped fiber laser. The long‐wavelength edge of the spectrum obtained is located at 2.7 µm. To our best knowledge it is the longest wavelength for the silica ...


Generation of harmonics of laser radiation in plasmas

16-Jan-2012 | Ganeev, R.A., Laser Physics Letters, 2012

Abstract The review of studies of the high‐order harmonic generation of laser radiation in laser‐produced plasma describes the developments in this field during last half decade. We show that this approach in frequency conversion of laser radiation towards the extreme ultraviolet range became ...


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