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Mass spectrometry for protein sialoglycosylation

11-Dec-2017 | Qiwei Zhang, Zack Li, Yawei Wang, Qi Zheng, Jianjun Li, Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 2017

Sialic acids are a family of structurally unique and negatively charged nine‐carbon sugars, normally found at the terminal positions of glycan chains on glycoproteins and glycolipids. The glycosylation of proteins is a universal post‐translational modification in eukaryotic species and ...


Ion traps in modern mass spectrometry

30-Oct-2017 | Dirk Nolting, Robert Malek, Alexander Makarov, Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 2017

This review is devoted to trapping mass spectrometry wherein ions are confined by electromagnetic fields for prolonged periods of time within limited volume, with mass measurement taking place within the same volume. Three major types of trapping mass spectrometers are discussed, specifically ...


Quality control in mass spectrometry‐based proteomics

12-Aug-2017 | Wout Bittremieux, David L. Tabb, Francis Impens, An Staes, Evy Timmerman, Lennart Martens, Kris Laukens, Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 2017

Mass spectrometry is a highly complex analytical technique and mass spectrometry‐based proteomics experiments can be subject to a large variability, which forms an obstacle to obtaining accurate and reproducible results. Therefore, a comprehensive and systematic approach to quality control is ...


Standardization approaches in absolute quantitative proteomics with mass spectrometry

31-Jul-2017 | Francisco Calderón‐Celis, Jorge Ruiz Encinar, Alfredo Sanz‐Medel, Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 2017

Mass spectrometry‐based approaches have enabled important breakthroughs in quantitative proteomics in the last decades. This development is reflected in the better quantitative assessment of protein levels as well as to understand post‐translational modifications and protein complexes and ...


The Skyline ecosystem: Informatics for quantitative mass spectrometry proteomics

10-Jul-2017 | Lindsay K. Pino, Brian C. Searle, James G. Bollinger, Brook Nunn, Brendan MacLean, Michael J. MacCoss, Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 2017

Skyline is a freely available, open‐source Windows client application for accelerating targeted proteomics experimentation, with an emphasis on the proteomics and mass spectrometry community as users and as contributors. This review covers the informatics encompassed by the Skyline ecosystem, ...


On‐line reaction monitoring by mass spectrometry, modern approaches for the analysis of chemical reactions

19-Jun-2017 | Andrew Ray, Tony Bristow, Chris Whitmore, Jackie Mosely, Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 2017

The application of on‐line mass spectrometry for direct analysis of chemical and other types of process continues to grow in importance and impact. The ability of the technique to characterize many aspects of a chemical reaction such as product and impurity formation, along with reactant ...


Gas phase basicities of polyfunctional molecules. Part 6: Cyanides and isocyanides

16-Jun-2017 | Guy Bouchoux, Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 2017

This paper gathers structural and thermochemical informations related to the gas‐phase basicity of molecules containing cyanides (nitriles) and isocyanides (isonitriles) functional groups. It constitutes the sixth part of a general review devoted to gas‐phase basicities of polyfunctional ...


Characterization of microbial mixtures by mass spectrometry

16-May-2017 | Todd R. Sandrin, Plamen A. Demirev, Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 2017

MS applications in microbiology have increased significantly in the past 10 years, due in part to the proliferation of regulator‐approved commercial MALDI MS platforms for rapid identification of clinical infections. In parallel, with the expansion of MS technologies in the “omics” fields, ...


Identification of small molecules using accurate mass MS/MS search

24-Apr-2017 | Tobias Kind, Hiroshi Tsugawa, Tomas Cajka, Yan Ma, Zijuan Lai, Sajjan S. Mehta, Gert Wohlgemuth, Dinesh Kumar Barupa ..., Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 2017

Tandem mass spectral library search (MS/MS) is the fastest way to correctly annotate MS/MS spectra from screening small molecules in fields such as environmental analysis, drug screening, lipid analysis, and metabolomics. The confidence in MS/MS‐based annotation of chemical structures is ...


Mass spectrometry‐driven drug discovery for development of herbal medicine

23-Dec-2016 | Aihua Zhang, Hui Sun, Xijun Wang, Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 2016

Herbal medicine (HM) has made a major contribution to the drug discovery process with regard to identifying products compounds. Currently, more attention has been focused on drug discovery from natural compounds of HM. Despite the rapid advancement of modern analytical techniques, drug ...


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