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Aspects of corrosion of iron‐ and nickel‐based materials by liquid tin: Oxygen dissolved in the melt and saturation with the parent element

11-Jan-2018 | Thomas Emmerich, Adeline Durand, Valentyn Tsisar, Carsten Schroer, Materials and Corrosion, 2018

Cylindrical samples of iron, austenitic steel 1.4571, and nickel‐based alloy 2.4663 were tested in liquid tin (Sn) at 500 and 700 °C. The exposure times ranged from 3 to 100 h. During exposure the oxygen content of the melt was measured online. In case the oxygen content is higher than the ...


Behavior in oxidation at elevated temperature of {25Cr, 0.4C‐6Ta}‐containing Ni and Co‐based cast alloys versus their proportion in nickel and cobalt

03-Jan-2018 | Patrice Berthod, Zohra Himeur, Materials and Corrosion, 2018

A series of six alloys from Ni‐25Cr‐0.4C‐6Ta to Co‐25Cr‐0.4C‐6Ta with a progressive addition of Co in substitution to Ni were elaborated. They were tested for 24 h at 1237 °C in laboratory air. The corrosion products formed around the samples and the deterioration of the subsurface were ...


Effect of trace Mn modification on the microstructure and corrosion behavior of Sn−9Zn solder alloy

29-Dec-2017 | Jian‐Chun Liu, Gong Zhang, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

The effect of trace Mn modification (0.05–0.1 wt%) on the microstructure and corrosion behavior of Sn–9Zn solder alloy in 0.5 M NaCl solution (pH 5.8) was evaluated by electrochemical techniques complemented with surface characterization. Mn could refine the Zn‐rich precipitates and facilitate ...


Characterization of atmospheric corrosion near the coastal areas of Arabian Sea

29-Dec-2017 | Ishrat Jamil, Humaira Bano, Juan G. Castano, Azhar Mahmood, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

Atmospheric corrosion near the coastal areas of Karachi is a subject of great interest where seasonal variation of north Arabian Sea, high onshore activities, high levels of atmospheric pollutants, high humidity, and low temperature range affects the service life of structural materials. Mild ...


Effect of cold working on oxidation behavior and nature of oxide film formed on carbon steel

27-Dec-2017 | Vivekanand Dubey, Supratik Roychowdhury, Vivekanand Kain, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

Carbon steel is extensively used as a structural material in the secondary circuit of nuclear reactors. During fabrication of components such as elbows, T‐joint, expander/reducer, etc., the material is subjected to cold working. Aim of this study is to systematically investigate the effect of ...


Monitoring pH in corrosion engineering by means of thermally produced iridium oxide electrodes

04-Sep-2017 | Y. Seguí Femenias, U. Angst, B. Elsener, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

A pH sensor to be used in highly alkaline media under continuous long‐term immersion conditions is crucial in various engineering applications. This work develops the production protocol and posterior conditioning of thermally oxidized iridium (IrOx) electrodes to be used as potentiometric pH ...


Protective property of epoxy coatings containing polyaniline and laminar basalt in neutral, alkaline, and acidic media

04-Sep-2017 | P. He, J.‐X. Wang, Q. Ma, F.‐Y. Lu, Z. Wang, S.‐C. Wang, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

It is very important to develop high performance composite coatings for efficient protection of metals from corrosion. In this work, high performance protection coatings on mild steel using epoxy as matrix containing polyaniline (PANI) and a newly developed laminar basalt (LB) were prepared and ...


In vitro corrosion behavior, bioactivity, and antibacterial performance of the silver‐doped zinc oxide coating on magnesium alloy

04-Sep-2017 | Hamid R. Bakhsheshi‐Rad, Esah Hamzah, Ahmad F. Ismail, Madzlan Aziz, Masoud Kasiri‐Asgarani, Hamid Ghayour, Mahmmod ..., Materials and Corrosion, 2017

In this paper, nanostructured silver‐doped zinc oxide (Ag‐ZnO) coating was prepared on Mg‐2Ca‐0.5Mn‐6Zn alloy surface with improved corrosion resistance and antibacterial activity through physical vapor deposition (PVD). Microstructural analysis showed that the Ag‐ZnO coating was adherent to ...


A finite element model of carbon steel welded joint corrosion under plastic strain

04-Sep-2017 | Y. X. Lu, H. Y. Jing, Y. D. Han, L. Y. Xu, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

A finite element (FE) model is presented in this work that simulates and predicts the mechano‐chemical corrosion behavior of welded joint under different plastic strains. The FE model contains two parts: the stress calculating of welded joint using Abaqus software and the chemical reaction of ...


Comparison of corrosion mechanism of low‐alloy pipeline steel used for flexible pipes at vapor‐saturated CO2 and CO2‐saturated brine conditions

01-Sep-2017 | Z.‐G. Liu, X.‐H. Gao, L.‐X. Du, J.‐P. Li, C. Yu, Y.‐X. Wang, X.‐N. Wang, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

Immersion experiment was carried out to illustrate the corrosion behavior of low‐alloy pipeline steel exposed to vapor‐saturated CO2 and CO2‐saturated brine conditions in terms of microstructure, corrosion kinetics, corrosion phases, macroscopic and microscopic surface morphologies. ...


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