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Real‐time monitoring of the degradation of metallic and organic coatings using electrical resistance sensors

01-Sep-2017 | E. Diler, F. Lédan, N. LeBozec, D. Thierry, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

The development of new metallic coatings to protect steel, as well as the optimization of maintenance operations on site requires obtaining relevant corrosion data as function of the exposure conditions. In atmospheric and aggressive environments such as under accelerated corrosion tests or in ...


Electrochemical noise of unalloyed steel in mixtures of water‐based binders and pigments

01-Sep-2017 | A. Heyn, P. Rosemann, M. Babutzka, S. Bender, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

The development of organic coatings for corrosion protection is an elaborate process with a multitude of often interminable investigations and tests of protection properties. Electrochemical methods support the processes of development to a great extent and help to understand mechanisms of ...


Corrosion resistance and in vitro evaluation of the pulsed current electrodeposited hydroxyapatite coatings on Nitinol shape memory alloy

01-Sep-2017 | F. Marashi‐Najafi, J. Khalil‐Allafi, M. R. Etminanfar, R. Faezi‐Alivand, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

Calcium phosphate (Ca‐P) ceramics are used in orthopedics and dentistry due to their excellent biocompatibility and osseointegration. In this study, calcium phosphate coatings were deposited on Nitinol shape memory alloy by a pulse electrodeposition technique. Prior to the deposition, a ...


Numerical simulation and re‐design optimization of impressed current cathodic protection for an offshore platform with biofouling in seawater

31-Aug-2017 | W. Wang, W.‐H. Li, L.‐Y. Song, W.‐J. Fan, X.‐J. Liu, H.‐B. Zheng, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

A finite element model (FEM) of the offshore platform with biofouling is developed here to predict the effectiveness of the ICCP under seawater. Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) test verified that the offshore platform was fully covered by a coating‐like biofouling to protect the structures from ...


Stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue cracking behavior of A7N01P‐T4 aluminum alloy

31-Aug-2017 | L. Shen, H. Chen, L.‐D. Xu, X.‐L. Che, Y. Chen, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

A modified single edge notch tension (SENT) specimen exposed to saline environment was used to investigate the stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue cracking behavior of A7N01P‐T4 aluminum alloy. The crack propagation rate was determined, the microstructure, crack growth path, and the ...


Corrosion of Ti35Zr28Nb in Hanks’ solution and 3.5 wt% NaCl solution

31-Aug-2017 | J. McElligott, Z. Shi, Y. Li, C. Wen, A. Atrens, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

This research assessed the corrosion behaviour of Ti35Zr28Nb compared to that of commercial purity Ti (CP Ti) Grade 2 under crevice‐corrosion conditions in: (i) Hanks’ solution at 37 °C and (ii) 3.5 wt% NaCl solution at 95 °C. Both Ti35Zr28Nb and CP Ti showed low corrosion rates. There was no ...


Computational fluid dynamics investigation for austenitic AISI 904L stainless steel corrosion in a biodiesel stream piping

31-Aug-2017 | D. J. O. Ferreira, C. E. A. S. Torres, V. F. C. Lins, S. W. Park, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

A Brazilian biodiesel plant uses the transesterification of soybean oils with the methanol and sodium methoxide catalyst excess to convert these oils into alkyl esters and glycerin. Hydrochloric acid solution is injected in the piping to neutralize free NaOH and reduce saponification of oils. ...


The influence of grain refinement on the corrosion rate of carbon steels in fracturing fluids used in shale gas production

31-Aug-2017 | E. Ura‐Bińczyk, A. Dobkowska, M. Płocińska, T. Płociński, B. Adamczyk‐Cieślak, B. Mazurkiewicz, W. Solarski, J. Bana ..., Materials and Corrosion, 2017

Corrosion tests were carried out to study the corrosive behaviour of medium carbon steels with a ferrite–pearlite microstructure during exposure to a synthetic flowback facturing fluid saturated with carbon dioxide. Metallographic investigations, screening tests, surface morphology ...


Numerical simulation of the failure behavior of steam‐side oxide scale considering oxide creep and physical defects

31-Aug-2017 | J. Qi, K.‐Y. Zhou, J.‐L. Huang, X.‐D. Si, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

The present study deals with a numerical simulation of the failure behavior of steam‐side oxide scale at high temperature considering oxide creep and physical defects. An experimental observation was conducted on the oxide scale formed on T91 superheater tubes from one coal‐fired plant, and the ...


Preparation and corrosion resistance of Ni‐P bilayer on magnesium alloy

22-Aug-2017 | J. Yuan, Y. Gao, J. H. Wang, W. B. Hu, Materials and Corrosion, 2017

Ni‐P bilayers were prepared on AZ61 magnesium alloy by electroless plating method in dual baths with pH value of 11.0 and 5.5. The thickness, surface morphology, composition, structure and corrosion resistance of Ni‐P bilayer were observed and determined by scanning electron microscope (SEM), ...


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