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Phase equilibria in Cu-Al-Zr system at 1073 K and aluminum concentration of less than 55 at %

09-Oct-2012 | K. B. Kalmykov, N. E. Dmitrieva, N. L. Zvereva, S. F. Dunaev, D. M. Kondrat’ev, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2012

X-ray diffraction and electron probe microanalysis were used to investigate phase equilibria in the ternary Cu-Al-Zr system at 1073 K in the Zr-rich region. The fragment of the isothermal section of the system was plotted. The regions of homogeneity of the ternary ZrCu2Al and ZrCux Al2 − x phases ...


Analysis of crystal and three dimensional structures of drug substances

09-Oct-2012 | I. G. Smirnova, G. N. Gil’deeva, V. V. Chistyakov, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2012

The alteration of a crystalline state or the optical isomerism of a substance significantly affects the physicochemical, pharmacotechnological properties, and bioavailability of drugs. It was shown that X-Ray powder diffraction, infrared Fourier spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetry, ...


Comparison of extraction ability of 18-membered crown ethers with respect to cesium

09-Oct-2012 | D. V. Ivanets, A. M. Safiulina, E. M. Kudryavtsev, V. E. Baulin, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2012

In the present work, a comparative investigation of the extraction ability of some commercially available 18-membered crown ethers with respect to cesium cation from different media is carried out. It has been shown that, in the series of 18-membered crown ethers, di-tert-butyl-dibenzo-18-crown-6 ...


Effect of lipophilicity of C60 fullerene derivatives on their ability to inhibit peroxide oxidation of lipids in aqueous medium

09-Oct-2012 | Yu. G. Bogdanova, A. A. Tepanov, V. A. Ioutsi, V. S. Romanova, G. N. Bogdanov, R. A. Kotel’nikova, D. V. Mishchenko, ..., Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2012

The aqueous solutions of C60 fullerene derivatives were studied by means of dynamic light scattering, their effect on the peroxide oxidation of lipids (POL) in aqueous solutions was investigated via chemiluminescence method. It was shown that the colloidal solubility in water, which defines the ...


Study of ionic liquids by the method of voltammetry at the interface between two immiscible electrolytes

09-Oct-2012 | N. V. Shvedene, V. V. Sviridov, N. K. Zaitsev, M. V. Roslova, I. V. Pletnev, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2012

Ionic liquids were studied as the organic phase in the method of voltammetry between two immiscible electrolytes. The polarization of the interface between ionic liquid and water was studied; the dependence of the polarization range (potential window) on the solubility of ionic liquid in water ...


Standard enthalpy of formation of fluorinated graphite CF0.96

09-Oct-2012 | V. A. Lukyanova, T. S. Papina, N. V. Polyakova, A. G. Buyanovskaya, N. M. Kabaeva, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2012

The energy of combustion Δc U 0 of fluorinated graphite CF0.96 has been determined using an isoperibolic calorimeter with a rotating platinized bomb and the enthalpy of formation Δf H 0 thereof has been calculated. The enthalpy of the dissociation of the C-F bond has been calculated from the ...


Application of UV- and IR-Spectroscopy to analyze the formation of complexes between sphingomyelin and phenolic antioxidants

09-Oct-2012 | K. M. Marakulina, R. V. Kramor, Yu. K. Lukanina, M. V. Kozlov, L. N. Shishkina, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2012

The isomolar series method was adapted for an analysis of the formation of a complex between sphingomyelin and phenolic antioxidants (isobornylphenols of different structure and ionol), as well as the stoichiometry of this process. The molar ratios at which sphingomyelin interacts with the ...


History of laser development on organic compounds (LOC): II. Photochemical laser is an important stage in LOC development

09-Oct-2012 | A. S. Kuznetsov, T. V. Bogatova, B. M. Uzhinov, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2012

The development of photochemical lasers concepts around fast adiabatic photochemical reactions is considered. The first investigations connected with photochemical lasers based on the intra- and intermolecular proton-transfer reactions and attempts to obtain laser radiation of excimers and ...


E-cadherin expression is biochemical marker in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

09-Oct-2012 | L. I. Korolenkova, E. V. Stepanova, V. D. Ermilova, A. Yu. Baryshnikov, V. V. Bryuzgin, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2012

The expression of E-cadherin has been investigated by the immunohistochemical method. The expression of E-cadherin is considered as a biomarker of junctions of intercellular adhesion in tissues samples with cervical intraepithelial neoplasias. The quantitative avidin-biotin-peroxidase method was ...


Fluorimetric determination of amino acids and photochemical stability of their reaction products with ortho-phthalic aldehyde under irradiation by high-power pulsed laser

09-Oct-2012 | V. I. Beketov, R. D. Voronina, N. B. Zorov, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2012

The opportunity of the highly sensitive determination of amino acids using the fluorescence of their derivatives that form in the reaction with aqueous solutions of ortho-phthalic aldehyde and nucleophilic agents, potassium cyanide, sodium sulfite, and N-acetyl-L-cysteine was studied as an ...


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