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Centimeter-Sized Single-Orientation Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride With or Without Nanovoids

17-Jan-2018 | Huanyao Cun; Adrian Hemmi; Elisa Miniussi; Carlo Bernard; Benjamin Probst; Ke Liu; Duncan T. L. Alexander; Armin Kle ..., Nano Letters, 2018

Large-area hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) promises many new applications of two-dimensional materials, such as the protective packing of reactive surfaces or as membranes in liquids. However, scalable production beyond exfoliation from bulk single crystals remained a major challenge. ...


Subcellular Nanorheology Reveals Lysosomal Viscosity as a Reporter for Lysosomal Storage Diseases

17-Jan-2018 | John Devany; Kasturi Chakraborty; Yamuna Krishnan, Nano Letters, 2018

We describe a new method to measure viscosity within subcellular organelles of a living cell using nanorheology. We demonstrate proof of concept by measuring viscosity in lysosomes in multiple cell types and disease models. The lysosome is an organelle responsible for the breakdown of complex ...


Responsive Hydrogel-based Photonic Nanochains for Microenvironment Sensing and Imaging in Real Time and High Resolution

17-Jan-2018 | Wei Luo; Qian Cui; Kai Fang; Ke Chen; Huiru Ma; Jianguo Guan, Nano Letters, 2018

Microenvironment sensing and imaging are of importance in microscale zones like microreactors, microfluidic systems, and biological cells. But they are so far implemented only based on chemical colors from dyes or quantum dots, which suffered either from photobleaching, quenching, or ...


Ultracompact Silicon-Conductive Oxide Nanocavity Modulator with 0.02 Lambda-Cubic Active Volume

17-Jan-2018 | Erwen Li; Qian Gao; Ray T. Chen; Alan X. Wang, Nano Letters, 2018

Silicon photonic modulators rely on the plasma dispersion effect by free-carrier injection or depletion, which can only induce moderate refractive index perturbation. Therefore, the size and energy efficiency of silicon photonic modulators are ultimately limited as they are also subject to the ...


A Study of Vertical Transport through Graphene toward Control of Quantum Tunneling

17-Jan-2018 | Xiaodan Zhu; Sidong Lei; Shin-Hung Tsai; Xiang Zhang; Jun Liu; Gen Yin; Min Tang; Carlos M. Torres, Jr.; Aryan Navab ..., Nano Letters, 2018

Vertical integration of van der Waals (vdW) materials with atomic precision is an intriguing possibility brought forward by these two-dimensional (2D) materials. Essential to the design and analysis of these structures is a fundamental understanding of the vertical transport of charge carriers ...


Resonance Energy Transfer-Promoted Photothermal and Photodynamic Performance of Gold–Copper Sulfide Yolk–Shell Nanoparticles for Chemophototherapy of Cancer

17-Jan-2018 | Yun Chang; Yan Cheng; Yanlin Feng; Hui Jian; Li Wang; Xiaomin Ma; Xi Li; Haiyuan Zhang, Nano Letters, 2018

Gold (Au) core@void@copper sulfide (CuS) shell (Au–CuS) yolk–shell nanoparticles (YSNPs) were prepared in the present study for potential chemo-, photothermal, and photodynamic combination therapy, so-called “chemophototherapy”. The resonance energy transfer (RET) process was utilized in Au–CuS ...


Dewetting during Terahertz Vibrations of Nanoparticles

17-Jan-2018 | Ching-Chung Hsueh; Reuven Gordon; Jörg Rottler, Nano Letters, 2018

We use molecular simulations to demonstrate the formation of a vacuum layer around a vibrating nanoparticle in a liquid. This vacuum layer forms readily for high frequencies with respect to the characteristic vibrational (Einstein) frequency of the fluid, even with small amplitude vibrations. The ...


Ultracompact Pseudowedge Plasmonic Lasers and Laser Arrays

16-Jan-2018 | Yu-Hsun Chou; Kuo-Bin Hong; Chun-Tse Chang; Tsu-Chi Chang; Zhen-Ting Huang; Pi-Ju Cheng; Jhen-Hong Yang; Meng-Hsien ..., Nano Letters, 2018

Concentrating light at the deep subwavelength scale by utilizing plasmonic effects has been reported in various optoelectronic devices with intriguing phenomena and functionality. Plasmonic waveguides with a planar structure exhibit a two-dimensional degree of freedom for the surface plasmon; the ...


Extending the Propagation Distance of a Silver Nanowire Plasmonic Waveguide with a Dielectric Multilayer Substrate

12-Jan-2018 | Douguo Zhang; Yifeng Xiang; Junxue Chen; Junjie Cheng; Liangfu Zhu; Ruxue Wang; Gang Zou; Pei Wang; Hai Ming; Mary R ..., Nano Letters, 2018

Chemical-synthesized silver nanowires have been proven as an efficient architecture for plasmonic waveguides, but the high propagation loss prevents their widely applications. Here, we demonstrate that the propagation distance of the plasmons along a silver nanowire can be extended if this ...


Extreme Mechanical Behavior of Nacre-Mimetic Graphene-Oxide and Silk Nanocomposites

12-Jan-2018 | Wanting Xie; Sirimuvva Tadepalli; Sang Hyun Park; Amir Kazemi-Moridani; Qisheng Jiang; Srikanth Singamaneni; Jae-Hwa ..., Nano Letters, 2018

Biological materials have the ability to withstand extreme mechanical forces due to their unique multilevel hierarchical structure. Here, we fabricated a nacre-mimetic nanocomposite comprised of silk fibroin and graphene oxide that exhibits hybridized dynamic responses arising from alternating ...


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