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Photovoltaics with Piezoelectric Core−Shell Nanowires

01-Mar-2010 | Fredrik Boxberg; Niels Søndergaard; H. Q. Xu, Nano Letters, 2010

We report on a theoretical discovery of a generic piezoelectric field in strained core−shell compound semiconductor nanowires. We show, using both an analytical model and numerical simulations based on fully electroelastically coupled continuum elasticity theory, that lattice-mismatch-induced ...


Ultrasmall Mode Volume Plasmonic Nanodisk Resonators

08-Oct-2009 | Martin Kuttge; F. Javier García de Abajo; Albert Polman; F. Javier García de Abajo; Albert Polman, Nano Letters, 2009

We study the resonant modes of nanoscale disk resonators sustaining metal−insulator−metal (MIM) plasmons and demonstrate the versatility of these cavities to achieve ultrasmall cavity mode volume. Ag/SiO2/Ag MIM structures were made by thin-film deposition and focused ion beam milling with cavity ...


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