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Tackling Africa’s digital divide

26-Apr-2018 | Martin P. J. Lavery; Mojtaba Mansour Abadi; Ralf Bauer; Gilberto Brambilla; Ling Cheng; Mitchell A. Cox; Angela Dudl ..., Nature Photonics, 2018

Tackling Africa’s digital divide Tackling Africa’s digital divide, Published online: 26 April 2018; doi:10.1038/s41566-018-0162-z Innovations in ‘sustainable’ photonics technologies such as free-space optical links and solar-powered equipment provide developing countries with new cost-effective ...


On our book shelf

26-Apr-2018 | Rachel Won, Nature Photonics, 2018

On our book shelf On our book shelf, Published online: 26 April 2018; doi:10.1038/s41566-018-0165-9 On our book shelf


Shining light on an old problem

26-Apr-2018 | Daniele Faccio; Fabio Biancalana, Nature Photonics, 2018

Shining light on an old problem Shining light on an old problem, Published online: 26 April 2018; doi:10.1038/s41566-018-0160-1 The evolution of modulational instability sidebands in an optical fibre are shown to provide new insights into Fermi–Pasta–Ulam–Tsingou recurrences.


Combating colour blindness

26-Apr-2018 | Oliver Graydon, Nature Photonics, 2018

Combating colour blindness Combating colour blindness, Published online: 26 April 2018; doi:10.1038/s41566-018-0173-9 Combating colour blindness


Vacuum Bloch–Siegert shift in Landau polaritons with ultra-high cooperativity

16-Apr-2018 | Xinwei Li; Motoaki Bamba; Qi Zhang; Saeed Fallahi; Geoff C. Gardner; Weilu Gao; Minhan Lou; Katsumasa Yoshioka; Mich ..., Nature Photonics, 2018

A two-level system resonantly interacting with an a.c. magnetic or electric field constitutes the physical basis of diverse phenomena and technologies. However, Schrödinger’s equation for this seemingly simple system can be solved exactly only under the rotating-wave approximation, which neglects ...


Giant collimated gamma-ray flashes

16-Apr-2018 | Alberto Benedetti; Matteo Tamburini; Christoph H. Keitel, Nature Photonics, 2018

Bright sources of high-energy electromagnetic radiation are widely employed in fundamental research, industry and medicine1,2. This motivated the construction of Compton-based facilities planned to yield bright gamma-ray pulses with energies up to 3 20 MeV. Here, we ...


Mid-infrared frequency comb via coherent dispersive wave generation in silicon nitride nanophotonic waveguides

16-Apr-2018 | Hairun Guo; Clemens Herkommer; Adrien Billat; Davide Grassani; Chuankun Zhang; Martin H. P. Pfeiffer; Wenle Weng; Ca ..., Nature Photonics, 2018

Mid-infrared optical frequency combs are of significant interest for molecular spectroscopy due to the large absorption of molecular vibrational modes on the one hand, and the ability to implement superior comb-based spectroscopic modalities with increased speed, sensitivity and precision on the ...


Author Correction: Single-molecule imaging by optical absorption

12-Apr-2018 | Michele Celebrano; Philipp Kukura; Alois Renn; Vahid Sandoghdar, Nature Photonics, 2018

In the Supplementary Video initially published with this Letter, the right-hand panel displaying the fluorescence emission was not showing on some video players due to a formatting problem; this has now been fixed. The video has also now been amended to include colour scale bars for both the ...


Improved photovoltaic performance from inorganic perovskite oxide thin films with mixed crystal phases

09-Apr-2018 | Joyprokash Chakrabartty; Catalin Harnagea; Mert Celikin; Federico Rosei; Riad Nechache, Nature Photonics, 2018

Inorganic ferroelectric perovskites are attracting attention for the realization of highly stable photovoltaic cells with large open-circuit voltages. However, the power conversion efficiencies of devices have been limited so far. Here, we report a power conversion efficiency of ~4.20% under ...


Hydroxypropyl cellulose photonic architectures by soft nanoimprinting lithography

09-Apr-2018 | André Espinha; Camilla Dore; Cristiano Matricardi; Maria Isabel Alonso; Alejandro R. Goñi; Agustín Mihi, Nature Photonics, 2018

As contamination and environmental degradation increase, there is a huge demand for new eco-friendly materials. Despite its use for thousands of years, cellulose and its derivatives have gained renewed interest as favourable alternatives to conventional plastics, due to their abundance and lower ...


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