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Properties of new polyelectrolytes based on cellulose and poly(vinyl alcohol)

15-Nov-2012 | F. A. Pokatilov, V. N. Kizhnyaev, Polymer Science Series A, 2012

Carbo- and heterochain tetrazole-containing polyelectrolytes are synthesized via a sequence of cyanoethylation reactions followed by azidation of cyanoethyl derivatives of cellulose and poly(vinyl alcohol). The products exhibit properties typical for polymers containing N-H unsubstituted ...


New pH-responsive and electroactive composite systems containing hydrogels and conducting polymers on a porous matrix

15-Nov-2012 | G. K. Elyashevich, M. A. Smirnov, Polymer Science Series A, 2012

New types of stimuli responsive composite polymer systems containing electro- and pH-responsive components are prepared. In these systems, the spatial structure of the active component phase is determined by the matrix of porous polyethylene films that play the role of nanosized containers for ...


Development of studies concerning analysis of the porous structure and solubility of polymers

15-Nov-2012 | A. A. Askadskii, Polymer Science Series A, 2012

A review of the studies concerning the porous structure and solubility of polymers is given. The studies in these domains undertaken in conjunction with A.A. Tager and her colleagues are briefly outlined; their development at the Laboratory of Polymeric Materials of the Nesmeyanov Institute of ...


Local mobility of micelles of new cationic surfactants and their interactions with hydrophobically modified polyacrylamides

15-Nov-2012 | A. M. Wasserman, M. V. Motyakin, L. L. Yasina, V. G. Vasil’ev, N. A. Churochkina, L. Z. Rogovina, Polymer Science Series A, 2012

The local dynamics and organization of micelles of new long-chain cationic surfactants with saturated hydrocarbon fragments (from C16 to C22) are investigated via the EPR spin-probe technique. The local mobility of spin probes in the hydrocarbon core of a micelle changes insignificantly, while ...


Activity of counterions in hydrogels based on poly(acrylic acid) and poly(methacrylic acid): Potentiometric measurements

15-Nov-2012 | A. P. Safronov, I. A. Kamalov, T. F. Shklyar, O. A. Dinislamova, F. A. Blyakhman, Polymer Science Series A, 2012

The behavior of partially ionized weakly crosslinked gels based on poly(acrylic acid) and poly(methacrylic acid) undergoing contraction in the presence of a low-molecular-mass salt is studied experimentally. The concentration dependences of the enthalpies of swelling of gels in water and aqueous ...


Effect of a magnetic field on the rheological properties of cellulose ether solutions

15-Nov-2012 | S. A. Vshivkov, E. V. Rusinova, A. G. Galyas, Polymer Science Series A, 2012

Application of a magnetic field is shown to be accompanied by an increase in the viscosity of hydroxyethyl cellulose and ethyl cellulose solutions and an additional assembly of macromolecules, as is evident from a gain in the radii of light-scattering particles. The concentration dependences of ...


Phase equilibria in ternary polymer blends

15-Nov-2012 | V. N. Kuleznev, P. V. Surikov, Polymer Science Series A, 2012

The phase states and rheological properties of blends of three polymers—polystyrene, poly(methyl methacrylate), and the styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer—in the common solvent chloroform are studied. The phase diagrams are constructed and the positions of spinodals are determined via the method of ...


Thermodynamic parameters of the interaction of cellulose ethers with low-molecular-mass liquids

15-Nov-2012 | S. A. Vshivkov, L. V. Adamova, B. I. Lirova, Polymer Science Series A, 2012

The thermodynamic analysis of the interaction of methyl cellulose, cyanoethyl cellulose, cyanoethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, and hydroxyethyl cellulose with low-molecular-mass liquids is performed via the method of static sorption. A correlation is found between the thermodynamic parameters and ...


Inverse-gas chromatography and the thermodynamics of sorption in polymers

15-Nov-2012 | N. A. Belov, A. P. Safronov, Yu. P. Yampolskii, Polymer Science Series A, 2012

In this review, the development of inverse gas chromatography (IGC) is briefly described, the role of A.A. Tager’s studies is indicated, and the principles of using the IGC method to solve problems of the thermodynamics of sorption of gases and vapors in polymers are formulated. The IGC method ...


Kinetics of polymerization reactions with reversible-chain termination

15-Nov-2012 | T. F. Irzhak, V. I. Irzhak, Polymer Science Series A, 2012

General kinetic features of radical and ionic polymerization processes accompanied by reversible chain termination reactions are considered. Special attention is paid to the conditions of applicability of the steady-state approximation usually employed to analyze the kinetics of radical ...


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