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Synthesis, structure, and properties of pyrazole-4-carbaldehyde oximes

19-Nov-2012 | O. S. Attaryan, A. A. Sahakyan, R. A. Tamazyan, A. G. Ayvazyan, G. V. Asratyan, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2012

1-Alkyl-1H-pyrazole-4-carbaldehyde oximes reacted with acetic anhydride to give the corresponding nitriles, which is typical for anti isomers of aldoximes. The anti configuration of 5-methyl-1-propyl-1H-pyrazole-4-carbaldehyde oxime in crystal was unambiguously determined by X-ray analysis.


Synthesis and structural features of tris(5-bromo-2-methoxyphenyl)antimony bis (cyclopropanecarboxylate)

19-Nov-2012 | V. V. Sharutin, O. K. Sharutina, V. S. Senchurin, O. V. Chagarova, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2012

Reaction of tris(5-bromo-2-methoxyphenyl)antimony with cyclopropanecarboxylic acid in the presence of hydrogen peroxide (1:2:1 mol) results in tris(5-bromo-2-methoxyphenyl)antimony bis(cyclopropanecarboxylate) I. The structure of the resulting complex was proved by the XRD analysis.


Synthesis and properties of fullerene-containing N-vinylpyrrolidone copolymers

19-Nov-2012 | S. V. Kurmaz, A. N. Pyryaev, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2012

Branched copolymers containing covalently bonded fullerene C60 were synthesized by cross-linking radical copolymerization of N-vinylpyrrolidone with triethylene glycol dimethacrylate in toluene saturated with fullerene. Their composition was studied by elemental analysis and IR and electronic ...


Dimephosphone analogs: I. Synthesis and structure of some dimephosphone aryl- and acylhydrazones

19-Nov-2012 | B. I. Buzykin, V. N. Nabiullin, E. V. Mironova, A. A. Kostin, D. A. Tatarinov, V. F. Mironov, I. A. Litvinov, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2012

Dimephosphone (2-dimethoxyphosphoryl-2-methylpentan-4-one) phenyl-, nitrophenyl-, benzoyl-, and 4-nitrobenzoylhydrazones were synthesized. The compounds in crystals were shown to have a steric form exclusively of the E-isomer. The structure of hydrazones in solution is defined by the nature of ...


Kinetics and mechanism of benzyl chloride reaction with zinc in dimethylacetamide

19-Nov-2012 | A. M. Egorov, S. A. Matyukhova, E. A. Dashkova, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2012

Oxidative dissolution of zinc in the system of benzyl chloride-dimethylacetamide was investigated. The reaction stereochemistry as well as intermediates and reaction products formed were studied. The kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of the process were measured. The process was shown to ...


Stability of diazocarbonyl compounds under the conditions of gas chromatography and chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis

19-Nov-2012 | T. A. Kornilova, A. I. Ukolov, R. R. Kostikov, I. G. Zenkevich, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2012

The gas chromatographic analysis of alkyldiazoacetates N2CHCO2R (R = CH3 − C4H9), α-aliphatic diazoketones RCOCHN2 (R = C3H7, C5H11, and C9H19), and aryl-substituted diazoketones Ph (CH2)n COCHN2 (n = 0–2) is shown to be possible when their retention temperatures are below the boiling points of ...


Synthesis, transport and ionophore properties of α,ω-biphosphorylated azapodands: V. Acid-base properties of new phosphorylated azapodands and α,ω-diamines and their participation in the membrane transport of I–III groups metal ions

19-Nov-2012 | A. R. Garifzyanov, R. R. Davletshin, N. V. Davletshina, R. A. Cherkasov, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2012

Acid-base properties of newly and previously synthesized phosphorylated azapodands and α,ω-diamines and their amine precursors were studied. We found that they differ in the same range as has been found previously for the other aminophosphoryl compounds. The investigation of the processes of ...


Procedure for the analysis of interfragment donor-acceptor interactions in transition metal complexes

19-Nov-2012 | O. V. Sizova, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2012

The procedure based on the first order density matrix has been suggested for the description of molecular electronic structures. The procedure includes: The calculation of interatomic bond-order indices and their σ-, π-, and δ-components; the construction of multicenter orbitals localized on ...


Hydrogen bonding of aliphatic and aromatic amines in aqueous solution: thermochemistry of solvation

19-Nov-2012 | K. V. Zaitseva, M. A. Varfolomeev, B. N. Solomonov, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2012

Thermochemistry of hydration of the aliphatic and aromatic amines was studied. Enthalpies of solution at infinite dilution of amines in water were measured using the method of solution calorimetry. A procedure of taking into account the ionization and non-specific hydration of amines in aqueous ...


Tetraanthraquinonoporphyrazines: III. Synthesis and physicochemical properties of metal complexes of hydroxy-substituted tetraanthraquinonoporphyrazines

19-Nov-2012 | A. V. Borisov, V. E. Maizlish, G. P. Shaposhnikov, A. B. Korzhenevskii, T. G. Shikova, V. V. Sokolova, O. I. Koifman, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2012

Methods have been developed for the synthesis of metal complexes of hydroxy-substituted tetraanthraquinonoporphyrazines. The yield of the target products has been improved via complexation with the corresponding methoxy derivatives and subsequent hydrolysis of the methoxy groups. Some ...


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