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On the possibility of using hydrophobic zeolites for cleaning the air of contaminants

14-Nov-2012 | L. A. Zaitseva, S. N. Erokhin, S. I. Simanenkov, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012

Pentasil and Y-type hydrophobic zeolites are synthesized. The adsorption properties of the prepared powders of hydrophobic zeolites and granules on their basis with respect to toluene, benzene, and water under static and dynamic conditions are studied. The possibility of multiple reuses of ...


Basic technology for developing cost-effective thermal waste recycling industry

14-Nov-2012 | A. M. Polyanskii, V. A. Polyanskii, A. A. Bogdanov, M. I. Petrov, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012

The advantages of electron-beam treatment of flue gases of industrial and power plants are discussed. The equations of the basic chemical reactions are presented, and a mathematical model of the cleaning process is developed. A conclusion on the self-repayment of this technology was drawn, which ...


Automatic systems for control of water purification with online monitoring of pollutants at key points of the flow diagram

14-Nov-2012 | I. V. Kumpanenko, A. V. Roshchin, V. V. Usin, E. G. Raevskaya, A. V. Bloshenko, N. A. Sakharova, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012

A system for automatic control of a three-step process of water purification is developed. The system includes the online monitoring of the concentrations of pollutants in water at points of the flow diagram corresponding to the primary, fine, and final treatment steps, and consists of a ...


The role of additional anions in microporous aluminosilicates with cancrinite-type framework

14-Nov-2012 | N. V. Chukanov, V. V. Nedelko, L. N. Blinova, L. A. Korshunova, L. V. Olysych, I. S. Lykova, I. V. Pekov, J. C. Buhl ..., Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012

Microporous framework aluminosilicates with the cancrinite- and sodalite-type structures containing NO3−, CO32−, SO42− and PO43−, as extra-framework anions were synthesized under hydrothermal conditions at temperatures from 160 to 200°C. SO42− exhibits the highest affinity to cancrinite structure ...


Multichannel pipette scanning colorimeter for analyzing the content of hazardous chemicals in water

14-Nov-2012 | I. V. Kumpanenko, A. V. Roshchin, D. Yu. Marchenko, T. M. Khalfin, V. M. Ostrovskaya, A. V. Bloshenko, V. V. Usin, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012

A prototype of a multichannel pipette scanning colorimeter for determining the content of certain hazardous chemicals in water selected from the list presented in the Russian Federation Hygienic Regulations GN was designed and manufactured. The colorimeter consists of test-slides, a ...


Monitoring of persistent organic pollutants in the ambient air as an element of implementation of the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants

14-Nov-2012 | A. V. Konoplev, E. F. Volkova, A. I. Kochetkov, R. I. Pervunina, D. P. Samsonov, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012

The results of monitoring of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the atmosphere of the Russian Arctic are presented. The concentrations of POPs in different regions of the Russian and foreign Arctic are compared. It was revealed that the concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and ...


Improving performance characteristics of semiconductor sensors based on adsorption SnO2 using photons stimulation

14-Nov-2012 | S. Z. Al-Salim, O. V. Cheremisina, E. A. Cheremisina, E. D. Migalovskaya, R. V. Kleshchenko, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012

The paper considers the possibility of increasing the sensitivity of semiconductor adsorption sensors using photon laser stimulation of low power. The results of experiments on the detection of vapors of malonic ester to semiconductor sensors manufactured on the basis of tin dioxide with various ...


Theoretical issues of steady non-ideal detonation in the ternary nitromethane-ammonium perchlorate-aluminum system

14-Nov-2012 | B. S. Ermolaev, P. V. Komissarov, G. N. Sokolov, A. A. Borisov, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012

A 1D model of steady non-ideal detonation in the ternary nitromethane-ammonium perchlorate-aluminum systems enriched with aluminum is developed. The model is confirmed by its comparison with the experimental data on detonation of two- and three-component mixtures. The presence of a significant ...


Stabilization of diatomic products in recombination of heavy ions

14-Nov-2012 | E. V. Kolesnikova, L. Yu. Rusin, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012

We have studied the kinematic conditions for the formation of the most stable products of direct three-body recombination of ions Cs+ and Br− in the presence of a third-body Xe atom. As the energy of the ions’ central encounters and the energy of the third body range from 1 to 10 eV, the minimal ...


Influence of additional metal ions on the ratio of conversion rates of intermediate products of the hydrolysis of adenosine-5′-triphosphoric acid catalyzed by the Cu2+ ion: 1. Experimental study of the influence of Mg2+ ions in the ascending branch of the dependence of the initial hydrolysis rate on pH

14-Nov-2012 | E. Z. Utyanskaya, B. V. Lidskii, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012

The hydrolysis of the dimeric complex (CuATP2−)2 to CuADP− and inorganic phosphate Pi is irreversible. The main intermediate hydrolysis product, whose formation should be taken into account at relatively early steps of hydrolysis, is the pentacovalent intermediate IntK formed in parallel with the ...


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