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Sensors, Vol. 10, Pages 2217-2241: A Deployment of Fine-Grained Sensor Network and Empirical Analysis of Urban Temperature

18-Mar-2010 | Thepvilojanapong, Niwat ; Ono, Takahiro ; Tobe, Yoshito, Sensors, 2010

Temperature in an urban area exhibits a complicated pattern due to complexity of infrastructure. Despite geographical proximity, structures of a group of buildings and streets affect changes in temperature. To investigate the pattern of fine-grained distribution of temperature, we installed a ...


Sensors, Vol. 10, Pages 2202-2216: Effect of Silver Annealing Conditions on the Performance of Electrolytic Silver/Silver Chloride Electrodes used in Harned Cell Measurements of pH

17-Mar-2010 | Brewer, Paul. J. ; Brown, Richard. J. C., Sensors, 2010

We have studied the long and short term stability of electrolytic Ag/AgCl electrodes fabricated from Ag wire that has been subjected to a range of different annealing conditions. At elevated temperatures, the presence of oxygen during the annealing process has been shown to be detrimental to the ...


Sensors, Vol. 10, Pages 2188-2201: Virtual Sensor for Failure Detection, Identification and Recovery in the Transition Phase of a Morphing Aircraft

17-Mar-2010 | Heredia, Guillermo ; Ollero, Aníbal, Sensors, 2010

The Helicopter Adaptive Aircraft (HADA) is a morphing aircraft which is able to take-off as a helicopter and, when in forward flight, unfold the wings that are hidden under the fuselage, and transfer the power from the main rotor to a propeller, thus morphing from a helicopter to an airplane. In ...


Sensors, Vol. 10, Pages 2169-2187: Trapped Ion Oscillation Frequencies as Sensors for Spectroscopy

16-Mar-2010 | Vogel, Manuel ; Quint, Wolfgang ; Nörtershäuser, Wilfried, Sensors, 2010

The oscillation frequencies of charged particles in a Penning trap can serve as sensors for spectroscopy when additional field components are introduced to the magnetic and electric fields used for confinement. The presence of so-called “magnetic bottles” and specific electric anharmonicities ...


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