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Extrinsic thermal voltaic effect in photothermal elements

15-Nov-2012 | M. S. Saidov, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

We have studied the peculiarities of the extrinsic thermal voltaic effect and the possibility of reducing the optimal temperature for using photothermal elements and selecting the impurities for conducting preliminary experimental surveys on this subject.


Results of actinometric measurements at location of LSF with thermal capacity of 1000 kW

15-Nov-2012 | A. A. Abdurakhmanov, Yu. B. Sobirov, M. S. Paizullakhonov, S. A. Orlov, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

The paper considers the methods of measuring solar radiation and analyzes the long-term data obtained by actinometric measurements of solar radiation at the location of the LSF with a thermal capacity of 1000 kW in Uzbekistan (the city of Parkent).


Solid ceramic based on mixed-frame titanium phosphate and calcium synthesized in solar furnace

15-Nov-2012 | T. P. Salikhov, V. V. Kan, E. M. Urazaeva, T. V. Savatyugina, G. M. Arushanov, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

The authors synthesized of mixed orthophosphates Ca0.5Ti2(PO4)3 using concentrated solar radiation. We obtained a porous ceramic filter with the given type of NZP structure and high thermal and hydrolytic stability.


Analysis of power efficiency of concentrator photovoltaic modules based on solar cells with GaInP/Ga(In)As/Ge structure in various geographic regions

15-Nov-2012 | E. S. Aronova, V. M. Emelianov, M. Z. Shwarz, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

The simulation of the response of the working parameters of multijunction solar cells (MJSCs) in the composition of concentrator photovoltaic module (PVM) on the change in the spectral composition of the incident solar radiation in different climatic conditions. The problems of optimizing MJSC ...


Thermovoltaic processes in gallium arsenide doped with tin

15-Nov-2012 | A. Yu. Leiderman, A. S. Saidov, M. M. Hashaev, U. Kh. Rakhmonov, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

In this study, we present the results of studies of n-GaAs〈Sn〉 with simple ohmic contacts in the temperature range of 30–200°C. It was found that, at temperature T > 30°C, this structure generates current (up to 0.018 μA) and voltage (up to 1.2 mV) and also has rectifying properties.


Experimental studies on solar parabolic dish cooker with porous medium

15-Nov-2012 | S. Lokeswaran, M. Eswaramoorthy, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

The solar cooking is the alternate method of cooking to reduce consumptions of fossil fuels. An affordable, energy efficient solar cooking technology is much need due to the fossil fuels increasing cost and it is the hottest research topic in all over the world. This paper presents an ...


The performance of the first Jordan Badia’s solar powered refrigerator

15-Nov-2012 | Mohammed Awwad Al-Dabbas, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

We are facing a significant challenge in Jordan’s Badia region. Such challenge present us given that it will be environmentally protected with easy access to the refrigeration process to food and medical vaccines keeping at a reasonably and economical low cost. Solar cooling method that is ...


Thermal modeling of a concentrator pipe composed with direct steam generation

15-Nov-2012 | R. Lugo-Leyte, M. Salazar-Pereyra, A. Torres-Aldaco, H. D. Lugo-Méndez, A. Valdés-Palacios, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

Deflections along the pipes of solar concentrators used for direct steam generation in thermosolar plants lead to some structural problems, due to temperature gradients in radial and angular directions. In this work, a thermal analysis of an absorber copper-steel pipe is made, based on the ...


Performance analysis of a hybrid photovoltaic thermal double pass air collector using ANN

15-Nov-2012 | Deepali Kamthania, G. N. Tiwari, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

This paper presents the use of artificial neural network for performance analysis of a semi transparent hybrid photovoltaic thermal double pass air collector for four weather conditions (a, b, c and d type) of New Delhi. The MATLAB 7.1 neural networks toolbox has been used for defining and ...


A simple and efficient sun tracking mechanism using programmable logic controller

15-Nov-2012 | Akash Samanta, Arindam Dutta, Subhasis Neogi, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

To increase the unit area illumination of solar ray on PV panel, it is required to track the sun throughout the day. So to reach the goal various type of sun tracking mechanism is already developed but in this paper we designed two different types of sun tracking mechanism: single axis and dual ...


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