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Manufacture of an asphalt-rubber binder for road pavements by the thermolysis of tire chips with heavy petroleum residues

11-Aug-2009 | E. E. Gorlova, B. K. Nefedov, E. G. Gorlov, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

It was found that not only specially prepared rubber crumbs or tire reclaim but also large tire chips can be utilized without metal cord removal by joint thermolysis with petroleum residue. Under optimum thermolysis conditions (temperature of 400–415°C, activator additive concentration of 5%, and ...


Thermal dissolution of combustible shale from the Dmitrievskoe deposit in benzene under supercritical conditions

11-Aug-2009 | Yu. F. Patrakov, N. I. Fedorova, E. S. Pavlusha, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

The results of the thermal dissolution of combustible shale in benzene under supercritical conditions in a flow system are reported. It was found that the conversion of the organic matter of combustible shale into liquid products increased by a factor of 2.2 as the solvent pressure was increased ...


Preparation of a polymer material with the use of shale products

11-Aug-2009 | Yu. V. Pokonova, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

The introduction of kerogen-70 into a solution of shale phenols and thiokol in furfural resulted in the production of a polymer material with an adhesive strength to 9.5 MPa, a cohesion to 16.6 MPa, and a bending strength to 25 MPa. It can be used as high-quality structural filling.


Theoretical principles of the use of coal fractions with different densities for pyrolysis

11-Aug-2009 | A. M. Gyul’maliev, S. G. Gagarin, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

To obtain process gas and liquid products upon thermal action on low-grade (D, DG, and G) coals, it is reasonable to pyrolyze the lightest organic fractions with enhanced quality characteristics in terms of both the yield of liquid products (pyrolysis tar) and the component composition of the gas ...


Application of thermogravimetric analysis to study the thermal degradation of solid and liquid organic wastes

11-Aug-2009 | E. S. Lygina, A. F. Dmitruk, S. B. Lyubchik, V. F. Tret’yakov, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

In this work, the thermolysis of composite binary mixtures of refinery or coal-processing waste with waste biomass and D-grade (long-flame) coal was analyzed in order to increase the efficiency of the cothermolysis of chemically different organic wastes mainly because of the synergism of the ...


Effect of thermal pretreatment conditions on the properties of a cobalt catalyst in hydrocarbon synthesis from CO and H2

11-Aug-2009 | A. L. Lapidus, Ya. V. Mikhailova, D. A. Grigor’ev, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

The effect of the conditions of the thermal pretreatment of a cobalt catalyst based on zeolite β (Co/Hβ) on the synthesis of hydrocarbons from CO and H2 was studied. The physicochemical and catalytic properties of Co/Hβ samples were studied and the synthesis products were analyzed in order to ...


Properties of adsorbents prepared by the alkali activation of Aleksandriisk brown coal

11-Aug-2009 | Yu. V. Tamarkina, V. G. Kolobrodov, T. G. Shendrik, V. A. Kucherenko, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

Highly microporous adsorbents (micropore fraction of ∼70%) were prepared by the alkali activation-thermolysis (800°C, 1 h) of brown coal (Cdaf = 70.4%) in the presence of potassium hydroxide at the KOH/coal weight ratio R KOH ≤ 2.0 g/g. The dependences of the specific surface areas and adsorption ...


Composition of the heteroorganic compounds of oil shale in Cambrian rocks from the east of the Siberian Platform

11-Aug-2009 | V. A. Kashirtsev, E. Yu. Kovalenko, R. S. Min, T. A. Sagachenko, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

The molecular composition of the S-, O-, and N-containing heterocyclic aromatic compounds of bitumen separated from the rocks of the Cambrian oil shale formation was studied. Among the sulfur compounds, dibenzothiophene, its alkyl and naphthene derivatives, naphthobenzothiophenes, and their alkyl ...


Inconsistency of results in the determination of chain crosslink density in caustobioliths in accordance with the Flory-Rehner theory

11-Aug-2009 | R. G. Makitra, D. V. Bryk, E. Ya. Pal’chikova, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

The degree of swelling of caustobioliths in liquids depends on their character. Correspondingly, the molecular weight M C of hydrocarbon chain segments between the crosslink sites, which is determined based on the Flory-Rehner or Kovac equations, changes. Based on the generalization of data on ...


Utilization of solid wastes from the gasification of coal-water slurries

11-Aug-2009 | M. Ya. Shpirt, N. P. Goryunova, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

It was found that only fly and bottom ashes are the solid wastes of water-coal slurry gasification in a direct-flow gasifier. The yields and chemical compositions of fly and bottom ashes obtained after the gasification of water-coal slurries prepared using brown (B) and long-flame (D) coals from ...


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