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Underground coal gasification problems

11-Aug-2009 | E. V. Kreinin, A. Yu. Zorya, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

Underground coal gasification problems Content Type Journal Article DOI 10.3103/S0361521909040053 Authors E. V. Kreinin, OJSC “Gazprom Promgaz” Moscow Russia A. Yu. Zorya, OJSC “Gazprom Promgaz” Moscow Russia Journal Solid Fuel Chemistry Online ISSN 1934-8029 Print ISSN ...


Rapid determination of strontium-90 in seawater

03-Aug-2009 | P. S. Butkalyuk, Yu. A. Sapozhnikov, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2009

It is shown that Y2O3, YF3, LaF3, and CeF3 help concentrate 90Y from seawater. To determine 90Sr, YF3 is the best reagent because the effect of interfering lead and thorium radioisotopes is minimum in this case. It is proposed to preconcentrate 210Bi on PbS to eliminate its interference. To ...


Determination of 1,1-dimethylhydrazine and its decomposition products using ion-pair chromatography

03-Aug-2009 | S. A. Ponomarenko, A. D. Smolenkov, O. A. Shpigun, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2009

The influence of the nature of the ion-pair reagent (IPR) using sodium octylsulfate, octylsulfonate, and dodecylsulfate as an example on the separation of asymmetric dimethylhydrazine (ADMH) and its decomposition products has been investigated using a Synergi Hydro RP column. It has been shown ...


Use of gold nanoparticles for immobilization of L-cysteine on TLC plates

03-Aug-2009 | E. N. Shapovalova, I. A. Ananieva, A. G. Majouga, N. V. Zik, O. A. Shpigun, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2009

A new method of immobilization of the chiral selector on the surface of TLC plates by means of stepwise impregnation by gold nanoparticles and L-cysteine is described. The novel silica- and alumina-based stationary phases for TLC demonstrate enantioselectivity toward tetrahydrozoline, ...


Rotational mobility of Aerosil surface grafted ≡ SiNNO• radicals with and without adsorbate at 77 K

03-Aug-2009 | V. I. Pergushov, D. A. Tyurin, N. A. Chumakova, M. Ya. Mel’nikov, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2009

The rotational mobility of Aerosil surface grafted ≡ SiNNO• radicals without adsorbate and in adsorbed carbon dioxide or sulfur hexafluoride layers was estimated at 77 K as (4–5) × 107 s−1.


Synthesis and study of sorption properties of molecularly imprinted polymers for quercetin

03-Aug-2009 | V. A. Kudrinskaya, S. G. Dmitrienko, Yu. A. Zolotov, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2009

Molecularly imprinted polymers for quercetin and the corresponding nonimprinted blank polymers (control polymers) have been synthesized using acrylamide and 2-(dimethylamino)-ethylmethacrylate as functional monomers. It has been shown that the nature of the template, the ratio of the functional ...


Sorption concentration of copper, lead, and iron on carriers modified by 8-hydroxyquinoline and its derivatives

03-Aug-2009 | V. M. Ivanov, E. V. Antonova, E. N. Uskova, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2009

Sorption of copper, lead, and iron ions on carriers (silochrome S-120, anion exchanger AB-17, enterosgel, polysorb) noncovalently modified by 8-hydroxynoline, 5,7-dibrom-8-hydroxyquinoline, and 8-hydroxynoline-5-sulfo-acid has been studied. Optimal sorption conditions have been found. The ...


Extraction of nitrates of alkali and alkaline earth metals with crown ether into hydrophilic ionic liquid in the presence of salting out agent

03-Aug-2009 | D. I. Djigailo, S. V. Smirnova, I. I. Torocheshnikova, A. G. Vendilo, K. I. Popov, I. V. Pletnev, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2009

We show that the hydrophilic liquid N-butyl-4-methylpyridinium tetrafluoroborate is suitable for the extraction of metal ions with dicyclohexyl-18-crown-6. We used magnesium sulfate as salting-out agent, resulting in the formation of two immiscible phases in the ionic liquid-water system. The pH ...


Polyalkyl methacrylate block sorbents for ion chromatography

03-Aug-2009 | S. M. Matusova, I. A. Diachkov, A. V. Pirogov, O. A. Shpigun, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2009

A number of block anion-exchanges were prepared on basis of polyalkyl methacrylates with a degree of crosslinking 26% and an ion capacity in the range 0.01–0.52 meq/g using 2-(N,N-dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate and trymethylamine as aminating agents. How the performance and composition of the ...


Application of nonspecific biosensors in controlling the pharmaceutical activity of drugs

03-Aug-2009 | S. E. Kondakov, M. Ya. Mel’nikov, P. N. Kozachenko, E. V. Blynskaya, K. V. Alekseev, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2009

Here we explore the principal opportunity of using a erythrocyte sedimentation rate as a nonspecific biosensor to study variations in activity in different batches of the same pharmaceutical substance.


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