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Crystallization of calcium carbonate in magnetized water in the presence of paramagnetic substances

13-Jul-2009 | V. V. Goncharuk, V. A. Bagrii, R. D. Chebotareva, S. Yu. Bashtan, A. V. Nanieva, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2009

We have investigated the influence of a paramagnetic substance on crystallization of calcium carbonate in magnetized water. It has been shown that the presence in magnetized water of nitrogen oxide, oxygen of the air, and 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpipyridine-4-on-N-oxyle is conducive to oriented ...


Vibration and noise in brake systems of vehicles. Part 2: Theoretical investigation techniques

29-Jun-2009 | V. P. Sergienko, S. N. Bukharov, Journal of Friction and Wear, 2009

The paper reviews theoretical research into vibroacoustic phenomena in transport brake systems. The mechanisms of occurrence of different types of noise and vibration in brakes are described. Analytical, numerical, and experiment-calculated methods for studying brake noise are discussed and their ...


Thermal and thermomechanical phenomena in sliding contact

29-Jun-2009 | P. N. Bogdanovich, D. V. Tkachuk, Journal of Friction and Wear, 2009

The paper deals with the development of heat problems in friction, beginning from the works of H. Blok to the present day. Blok put forward the concept of flash temperature, which has become a fundamental one in frictional heating. The main models of frictional heating, developed by Blok, Jaeger, ...


Improvement of the triboengineering and physicochemical properties of Puma lubricating compositions with lithium molybdophosphate additive

29-Jun-2009 | V. I. Kolesnikov, S. F. Ermakov, A. P. Sychev, N. A. Myasnikova, M. A. Savenkova, E. I. Luneva, Journal of Friction and Wear, 2009

The paper deals with the results of investigation of the physicochemical and triboengineering properties of Puma lubricating compositions used to grease rails and flanges and the same composition modified by the authors with inorganic molybdophosphate additive. The influence of the Puma ...


Stability of coal-water slurries made from ultrafinely divided coals of different metamorphic grades

07-Jun-2009 | V. A. Poluboyarov, E. V. Voloskova, A. A. Zhdanok, V. N. Melenevskii, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

The feasibility of mechanochemical preparation of coal-water slurries from coals of different metamorphic grades with the use of various chemical additives was examined. The effect of surfactants on the settling dynamics of particles in slurries at different particle sizes and different degrees ...


Current status of the hydrogenation of coals

07-Jun-2009 | A. S. Maloletnev, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

The theoretical and experimental studies carried out at the Institute for Fossil Fuels during recent years in the modernization of hydrogenation technologies for coal conversion into a liquid fuel under low hydrogen pressure (10 MPa for bituminous coals and 6 MPa for a number of brown coals) are ...


Thermogravimetric study of the thermal degradation of solid and liquid organic carbon-containing products

07-Jun-2009 | E. S. Lygina, A. F. Dmitruk, L. Ya. Galushko, S. B. Lyubchik, V. F. Tret’yakov, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2009

The thermolysis of D-grade (long-flame) coal, refinery waste, coal-processing waste, and biomass was studied by thermogravimetry in order to increase the total efficiency of the thermal processing of organic carbon-containing products and the selectivity of formation of particular by-products ...


Synthesis, anion-exchange properties, and hydrolytic stability of Mg-Fe(III) layered double hydroxides

13-May-2009 | L. S. Randarevich, I. Z. Zhuravlev, V. V. Strelko, N. M. Patrilyak, T. A. Shaposhnikova, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2009

Composite materials having the hydrotalcite structure and based on iron and magnesium dou ble hydroxides have been synthesized and investigated. The sorption of phosphate and chromate anions on these materials was studied after their heat treatment at different temperatures. The magnesium ...


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