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Meteorologically efficient commissioning of salt gradient solar pond

15-Nov-2012 | Haider Husain, Sanjay Shekhawat, Mujahid Husain, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

Salt gradient solar pond has thermal performance parameters as rate of warm-up, highest achievable temperature, and cumulative heat collection. All these are strongly influenced by the meteorology. Consequently, specific to the meteorology of a geographic location, there is a best starting day ...


Statistics, synergetics, and mechanism of multiple photogeneration of excitons in quantum dots: Fundamental and applied aspects

15-Nov-2012 | B. L. Oksengendler, N. N. Turaeva, I. Uralov, M. B. Marasulov, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

The effect of multiple exciton generation is analyzed based on statistical physics, quantum mechanics, and synergetics. Statistical problems of the effect of multiple exciton generation (MEG) are broadened and take into account not only exciton generation, but also background excitation. The ...


Enhancing the solar still using immersion type water heater productivity and the effect of external cooling fan in winter

15-Nov-2012 | Ahmed Z. Al-Garni, Applied Solar Energy, 2012

In the present work an attempt is made to enhance the of double slope solar stillproductivity by an immersion type water heaterusing. The effect of using an external fan to cool the glass surface is also examined. Experiments were carried out for winter season in Saudi Arabian climatic conditions ...


Comparative study of the physico-chemical parameters of the coastal waters in rivers Matla and Saptamukhi: Impacts of coastal water coastal pollution

15-Nov-2012 | R. Bose, A. De, G. Sen, A. D. Mukherjee, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2012

A qualitative and quantitative research has been performed on the physico-chemical parameters of the neighboring coastal waters of the rivers Matla and Saptamukhi in the Sunderban district, West Bengal. The distribution pattern of eight physico-chemical parameters, namely pH, salinity, dissolved ...


Erratum to: “Degradation of Phenolic Compounds in Water by Non-Thermal Plasma Treatment”

15-Nov-2012 | Hsu-Hui Cheng, Shiao-Shing Chen, Kazuharu Yoshizuka, Yung-Chih Chen, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2012

Erratum to: “Degradation of Phenolic Compounds in Water by Non-Thermal Plasma Treatment” Content Type Journal Article Category Errata Pages 252-252 DOI 10.3103/S1063455X12050074 Authors Hsu-Hui Cheng, Institute of Environmen Engineering and Management, National Taipei University of ...


A new design of the electrocoagulation apparatus for removal of micromycetes from water

15-Nov-2012 | M. N. Saprykina, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2012

A new design of the electrocoagulation apparatus consisting of an inert anode and cathode made of stainless steel was developed. The formation of a coagulant takes place due to the corrosion of ferrous plates located in the anode plane. The following optimum parameters for the operation of the ...


Determination of basic parameters affecting the water treatment from manganese compounds on the sorbent-catalyst

15-Nov-2012 | A. V. Mamchenko, N. N. Chernova, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2012

A technique has been proposed for the natural water treatment on a sorbent-catalyst synthesized on the basis of manganese ore. It was found out that the pH and the degree of source water saturation with oxygen determined the residual concentration of manganese compounds in the treated water. In ...


Interaction of humic acids with metal ions in the water medium

15-Nov-2012 | I. I. Lishtvan, Yu. G. Yanuta, A. M. Abramets’, G. S. Monich, N. S. Glukhova, V. N. Aleinikova, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2012

We have investigated the mechanism of the processes of interaction of humic acids with ions of heavy metals and also features of the structure and properties of metal-and-humic complexes. Using the method of leaching of HCl we studied stability of metal-and-humic complexes in the water medium and ...


Doped manganese (IV) oxide in processes of destruction and removal of organic compounds from aqueous solutions

15-Nov-2012 | G. V. Sokol’skii, S. V. Ivanova, N. D. Ivanova, E. I. Boldyrev, T. F. Lobunets, T. V. Tomila, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2012

Possible use of the doped manganese (IV) oxide electrodeposited from fluoride electrolytes in the processes of anodic oxidation and destruction of organic compounds in aqueous solutions has been analyzed. The phase composition of the specified oxide was investigated depending on the nature of ...


Photocatalytic destruction of anionic SAS with oxygen and hydrogen peroxide in the TiO2 suspension

15-Nov-2012 | Yu. O. Shvadchina, V. F. Vakulenko, E. E. Levitskaya, V. V. Goncharuk, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2012

The articles gives a comparison of the rates and the degree of destruction of anionic SAS-alkyl benzene sodium sulfonate (ABS) in heterogeneous (O2/TiO2/UV, H2O2/TiO2/UV) and homogeneous (O2/UV, H2O2/UV) oxidizing systems on several TiO2 samples at UV irradiation by a SVD-120 high-pressure ...


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