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Technological value of coal. 1. Clinkering coal

26-Oct-2012 | B. P. Kiselev, S. G. Stakheev, Coke and Chemistry, 2012

The concept of technological value is discussed. On that basis, a method of assessing the technological value of coal is recommended. The technological value of the basic clinkering coal in coking batch (Zh, GZh coal) is assessed. Similar estimates are presented for poorly coking GZhO and Zh ...


Formation of carbon nanofibers on the basis of sphagnum moss

26-Oct-2012 | D. V. Onishchenko, V. P. Reva, Coke and Chemistry, 2012

The production of carbon nanofibers by the pyrolysis of sphagnum moss as a result of mechanochemical activation in a planetary mill is considered. The nanofibers are used to create a composite system consisting of carbon and tungsten nanoparticles, which may provide the basis for anodes in ...


Relation between the coking-chamber height, the coking pressure, and the packing density of regular or partially briquetted coal batch

26-Oct-2012 | L. V. Kopeliovich, V. I. Sukhorukov, V. I. Shvetsov, Coke and Chemistry, 2012

Since coking coal is characterized by both elasticity and ductility in the plastic state, the coal charge of coke furnaces that contains a plastic layer exerts pressure (coking pressure) on the chamber walls. The pressure exerted depends on the height and mean density of the charge and on the ...


Influence of the granulometric composition of coal batch on the energy requirements of a hammer mill

26-Oct-2012 | V. I. Zasel’skii, G. L. Zaitsev, T. A. Zasel’skaya, Coke and Chemistry, 2012

The influence of the granulometric composition of coal batch on the energy requirements of a hammer mill is considered. Means are proposed for reducing the energy consumption in crushing coal batch that already has a high content of the final size class.


Modification of coal tar in low-temperature oxygen plasma

26-Oct-2012 | S. A. Semenova, O. M. Gavrilyuk, A. N. Zaostrovskii, N. I. Fedorova, Z. R. Ismagilov, Coke and Chemistry, 2012

Oxidative modification of coal tar by activated components of low-temperature plasma is considered. Such modification of tar is accompanied by polarization and polycondensation processes, with consequent increase in thermostability of the product.


Errors in determining coal quality

26-Oct-2012 | V. K. Popov, V. I. Butakova, Yu. M. Posokhov, I. L. Rachev, Coke and Chemistry, 2012

Errors in determining coal quality are compared. For the example of the ash content, it is shown that the error in forming the samples is almost an order of magnitude greater than the error in sample analysis. The metrological characteristics and conditions of correct utilization of results from ...


Improving the preparation of coal batch for coking

26-Oct-2012 | M. S. Chemerinskii, A. G. Starovoit, E. I. Malyi, Coke and Chemistry, 2012

Various methods of preparing coal for coking are analyzed. Laboratory experiments are conducted with a view to obtaining higher-quality coke from batch with a high content of poorly clinkering coal.


Thermoanthracite as a high-temperature electrical conductor

26-Oct-2012 | V. I. Lakomskii, Coke and Chemistry, 2012

Electrode thermoanthracite is a very inexpensive component in production batch for carbon and graphitized electrodes, which are widely used in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy. The electrical resistance of monolithic thermoanthracite is measured, along with its temperature coefficient of ...


Kinetic research on coal oxidation: A review

26-Oct-2012 | M. L. Ulanovskii, Coke and Chemistry, 2012

A brief literature review shows that kinetic research on coal oxidation offers insights into the complex structure of the coal’s organic mass, its properties, and the radical-chain reactions in solids. Correct analysis of the kinetic data depends on experimental information regarding the stage ...


The effect of annealing conditions on the adhesive properties of TiN coatings

16-Oct-2012 | V. V. Klubovich, V. V. Rubanik, D. A. Bagrets, Journal of Friction and Wear, 2012

The effect of low-temperature annealing on the adhesion strength and coefficient of friction of TiN coatings deposited on austenitic stainless steel by the vacuum-arc method is studied. The behavior of the coefficient of friction of titanium nitride upon annealing in air is discussed. It is shown ...


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