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Correlation between glucose and bupivacaine levels in cerebrospinal fluid after spinal anesthesia: glycorrhachia as predictor for duration of sensory block

19-Mar-2010 | Nuria Estañ-Capell; Carmen Quiñones-Torrelo; Jorge Sánchez-Morillo; Luis Estañ-Jago, Clinical Chemistry , 2010

Abstract Background: Prediction of the duration of motor block after injection of a local anesthetic into cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) would be a very useful tool in clinical practice. However, previous attempts have not shown conclusive results. In this work, glycorrhachia is demonstrated to be an ...


Comparison of different depletion strategies for improving resolution of the human urine proteome

19-Mar-2010 | Cinzia Magagnotti; Isabella Fermo; Rose Mary Carletti; Maurizio Ferrari; Angela Bachi, Clinical Chemistry , 2010

Abstract Background: Urine, being an ultrafiltrate of plasma, is a rich source for biomarker discovery. Since potential new disease markers are often present in low concentrations, a prefractionation/enrichment step could be useful in the discovery process. To enhance the detection of ...


Pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A as a marker for long-term mortality in patients with peripheral atherosclerosis: inconclusive findings from the Linz Peripheral Arterial Disease (LIPAD) study

19-Mar-2010 | Thomas Mueller; Benjamin Dieplinger; Thomas Forstner; Werner Poelz; Meinhard Haltmayer, Clinical Chemistry , 2010

Abstract Background: Pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A (PAPP-A) has been associated with peripheral artery disease (PAD). The aim of this study was to evaluate the utility of PAPP-A as a marker for long-term mortality in patients with atherosclerotic PAD. Methods: PAPP-A serum concentrations ...


Association of matrix metalloproteinase 9 genotypes and cardiovascular disease risk factors with serum matrix metalloproteinase 9 concentrations in Taiwanese individuals

19-Mar-2010 | Semon Wu; Lung-An Hsu; Ming-Sheng Teng; Jeng Feng Lin; Hsien-Hsun Chang; Pi-Yueh Chang; Chiao-Feng Hu; Yu-Lin Ko, Clinical Chemistry , 2010

Abstract Background: Circulating concentrations of matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9) are associated with cardiovascular disease mortality in patients with coronary artery disease. We investigated the determinants of MMP-9 concentrations by analyzing MMP-9 genotypes and risk factors for ...


C-reactive protein variants are not associated with susceptibility to stroke and stroke recurrence

19-Mar-2010 | Weihua Song; Hui Yu; Jingzhou Chen; Kai Sun; Rutai Hui, Clinical Chemistry , 2010

Abstract Background: C-reactive protein (CRP) has been shown to contribute to the risk of cardiovascular disease. Several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) at the CRP locus have been found to be associated with CRP concentrations. We hypothesized that genetic variants associated with high ...


Association of hyperhomocysteinemia with left ventricular dilatation and mass in human heart

19-Mar-2010 | Peter Alter; Heinz Rupp; Marga B. Rominger; Jens H. Figiel; Harald Renz; Klaus J. Klose; Bernhard Maisch, Clinical Chemistry , 2010

Abstract Background: Hyperhomocysteinemia is a risk factor for ischemic heart disease. Several other mechanisms apply also to dilative types of heart failure of various, non-ischemic etiologies. We hypothesized that hyperhomocysteinemia is associated with left ventricular (LV) dilatation and ...


A methodological reappraisal of total and high molecular weight adiponectin determination in human peripheral circulation: comparison of four immunometric assays

19-Mar-2010 | Chiara Caselli; Ombretta Melaiu; Maristella Maltinti; Silvia Del Ry; Manuela Cabiati; Tommaso Prescimone; Dani ..., Clinical Chemistry , 2010

Abstract Background: Adiponectin, present in different multimeric forms in circulation, is increasingly used in clinical settings as a cardiometabolic marker. The development of several commercially available enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) has allowed for the widespread measurement of ...


High specificity but low sensitivity of the cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (COMP) test in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

19-Mar-2010 | Ana Lígia Bender; Inês Guimaraes da Silveira; Carlos Alberto von Mühlen; Henrique Luiz Staub, Clinical Chemistry , 2010

Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Volume 48, Issue 4, Page 569-570, April 2010.


Disparity in estimated average glucose due to different hemoglobin A1c methods and hemoglobin S trait

19-Mar-2010 | Yusheng Zhu; Laurie M. Williams; Beverly D. Horne, Clinical Chemistry , 2010

Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Volume 48, Issue 4, Page 571-572, April 2010.


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