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Vibrio fischeri and Escherichia coli adhesion tendencies towards photolithographically modified nanosmooth poly (tert-butyl methacrylate) polymer surfaces

30-Jul-2011 | Nanotechnology, Science and Applications, 2011

Elena P Ivanova, Natasa Mitik-Dineva, Radu C Mocanasu, Sarah Murphy, James Wang, et al


Self-assembled nanoscale architecture of TiO2 and application for dye-sensitized solar cells

30-Jul-2011 | Nanotechnology, Science and Applications, 2011

Motonari Adachi, Jinting Jiu, Seiji Isoda, Yasushige Mori, Fumio Uchida


Specific mutation screening of TP53 gene by low-density DNA microarray

30-Jul-2011 | Angélica Rangel-López, Alfonso Méndez-Tenorio, Kenneth L Beattie, Rogelio Maldonado, Patricia M ..., Nanotechnology, Science and Applications, 2011

TP53 is the most commonly mutated gene in human cancers. Approximately 90% of mutations in this gene are localized between domains encoding exons 5 to 8. The aim of this investigation was to examine the ability of the low density DNA microarray with the assistance of double tandem hybridization ...


Protein cages, rings and tubes: useful components of future nanodevices?

30-Jul-2011 | Nanotechnology, Science and Applications, 2011

Jonathan G Heddle


Gold nanoparticles: From nanomedicine to nanosensing

30-Jul-2011 | Nanotechnology, Science and Applications, 2011

Po C Chen, Sandra C Mwakwari, Adegboyega K Oyelere


Method and apparatus using selected superparamagnetic labels for rapid quantification of immunochromatographic tests

30-Jul-2011 | Mika PA Laitinen, Jari Salmela, Leona Gilbert, Risto Kaivola, et al., Nanotechnology, Science and Applications, 2011

A rapid method and instrumentation for quantification of immunochromatographic tests (ICT) are described. The principle and performance of the method was demonstrated by measuring the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) present in urine. The test format was a sandwich assay using two ...


Advances in polyelectrolyte multilayer nanofilms as tunable drug delivery systems

30-Jul-2011 | Bingbing Jiang, John B Barnett, Bingyun Li, Nanotechnology, Science and Applications, 2011

There has been considerable interest in polyelectrolyte multilayer nanofilms, which have a variety of applications ranging from optical and electrochemical materials to biomedical devices. Polyelectrolyte multilayer nanofilms are constructed from aqueous solutions using electrostatic ...


The current state of engineered nanomaterials in consumer goods and waste streams: the need to develop nanoproperty-quantifiable sensors for monitoring engineered nanomaterials

01-Jul-2011 | Nanotechnology, Science and Applications, 2011

As nanomaterials are harnessed for medicine and other technological advances, an understanding of the toxicology of these new materials is required to inform our use. This toxicological knowledge will be required to establish the medical and environmental regulations required to protect consumers ...


Fullerene fine particles adhere to pollen grains and affect their autofluorescence and germination

19-May-2011 | Nanotechnology, Science and Applications, 2011

Adhesion of commercially produced fullerene fine particles to Cryptomeria japonica, Chamaecyparis obtusa and Camellia japonica pollen grains was investigated. The autofluorescence of pollen grains was affected by the adhesion of fullerene fine particles to the pollen grains. The degree of ...


The design, fabrication, and photocatalytic utility of nanostructured semiconductors: focus on TiO2-based nanostructures

14-Feb-2011 | Nanotechnology, Science and Applications, 2011

Recent advances in basic fabrication techniques of TiO2-based nanomaterials such as nanoparticles, nanowires, nanoplatelets, and both physical- and solution-based techniques have been adopted by various research groups around the world. Our research focus has been mainly on various deposition ...


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