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An Investigation into the N- and C-Capping Effects of Glycine in Cavitand-Based Four-Helix Bundle Proteins

27-Jan-2010 | Heidi E.K., Huttunen-Hennelly, Bioorganic Chemistry, 2010

The capping efficiency of glycine on cavitand-based synthetic four-helix bundles was investigated. Glycine, a common C-capping amino acid, has always been included as a C-terminal residue in our de novo peptides, although the exact contribution of the glyince cap to the overall stability and ...


Atmospheric transport and deposition of anthropogenic substances from the Asia to the East China Sea

27-Jan-2010 | Mitsuo, Uematsu , Hiroshi, Hattori , Tokuhiro, Nakamura , Yasushi, Narita , Jinyoung, Jung , ..., Marine Chemistry, 2010

Experiments conducted aboard the R/V Hakuho Maru (Cruise KH-02-3) in the autumn of 2002 were designed to study the pathways of atmospheric aerosol transport, selected trace elements and major ions composition of particles and quantify their dry deposition over the East China Sea. We determined ...


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