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Practicing Population in Latin America

29-Sep-2017 | Elizabeth F. S. Roberts, Perspectives on Science, 2017

Perspectives on Science, Volume 25, Issue 5, Page 704-711, September-October 2017.


Making Human Populations

29-Sep-2017 | Soraya de Chadarevian, Perspectives on Science, 2017

Perspectives on Science, Volume 25, Issue 5, Page 698-703, September-October 2017.


Capturing Los Migrantes Desaparecidos: Crisis, Unknowability, and the Making of the Missing

29-Sep-2017 | Lindsay A. Smith; Vivette García-Deister, Perspectives on Science, 2017

Drawing on fourteen months of ethnographic work, we analyze three population-making technologies (denuncias, biobanks, and bodies) that have emerged as dominant tools both on the part of governments and human rights advocates to capture the missing migrants. We conclude that missing migrants are ...


Fertility Surveyors and Population-Making Technologies in Latin America

29-Sep-2017 | Raúl Necochea López, Perspectives on Science, 2017

This article analyzes the role of fertility surveyors as framing specialists, who in the 1940s portrayed Latin American populations as likely to change their attitudes regarding birth control. A heterogeneous group of social scientists, clinical workers, and their financial supporters, all of ...


Facing the Credibility Crisis of Science: On the Ambivalent Role of Pluralism in Establishing Relevance and Reliability

19-Jul-2017 | Martin Carrier, Perspectives on Science, 2017

Science at the interface with society is regarded with mistrust among parts of the public. Scientific judgments on matters of practical concern are not infrequently suspected of being incompetent and biased. I discuss two proposals for remedying this deficiency. The first aims at strengthening ...


Genetically Modified Crops, Inclusion, and Democracy

19-Jul-2017 | Daniel J. Hicks, Perspectives on Science, 2017

The public controversy over genetically modified (GM) crops is predominantly framed in terms of health and safety risks to humans and the environment. However, opponents of GM crops are motivated by a wide variety of other social, political, and economic concerns. In this paper, I critically ...


Privacy, Informed Consent, and Participant Observation

19-Jul-2017 | Julie Zahle, Perspectives on Science, 2017

In this paper, I begin by detailing how social researchers may use informed consent to protect the situational and informational privacy of those they study while gathering data by way of the method of participant observation. Next, I argue that the principle of informed consent should not be ...


Demarcating Fringe Science for Policy

19-Jul-2017 | Harry Collins; Andrew Bartlett; Luis Reyes-Galindo, Perspectives on Science, 2017

Here we try to characterize the fringe of science as opposed to the mainstream. We want to do this in order to provide some theory of the difference that can be used by policy-makers and other decision-makers but without violating the principles of what has been called ‘Wave Two of Science ...


Manual Labor and ‘Mean Mechanicks’: Bacon’s Mechanical History and the Deprecation of Craft Skills in Early Modern Science

19-Jul-2017 | Mark Thomas Young, Perspectives on Science, 2017

This paper aims to assess the credibility of the legitimation thesis; the claim that the development of experimental science involved a legitimation of certain aspects of artisanal practice or craft knowledge. My goal will be to provide a critique of this idea by examining Francis Bacon’s notion ...


Post-Copernican Science in Galileo’s Italy

19-Jul-2017 | Pietro Daniel Omodeo, Perspectives on Science, 2017

In 2015, two new studies on the scientific and astronomical culture of seventeenth-century Italy appeared: one on the natural philosophy of Galileo Galilei’s follower, the ecclesiastic and philosopher, Giovanni Ciampoli—Federica Favino’s La filosofia naturale di Giovanni Ciampoli (Giovanni ...


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