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Relationship Between Psychophysiological Responses to Aversive Odors and Nutritional Status During Normal Aging

01-Jun-2017 | Joussain P, Ferdenzi C, Djordjevic J, et al., Chemical Senses, 2017

Abstract Psychophysiological responses to disgusting and pleasant smells are one of the most important aspects of olfaction. These emotional signals can constitute an alert against toxic substances, and they may play a major role in food selection and nutritional intake. The aim of this study was ...


Comparing Manual Counting to Automated Image Analysis for the Assessment of Fungiform Papillae Density on Human Tongue

01-Jun-2017 | Piochi M, Monteleone E, Torri L, et al., Chemical Senses, 2017

Abstract The density of fungiform papillae (FPD) on the human tongue is currently taken as index for responsiveness to oral chemosensory stimuli. Visual analysis of digital tongue picture and manual counting by trained operators represents the most popular technique for FPD assessment. ...


Three-dimensional structural labeling microscopy of cilia and flagella

25-May-2017 | Oda T., Journal of Electron Microscopy, 2017

Abstract Locating a molecule within a cell using protein-tagging and immunofluorescence is a fundamental technique in cell biology, whereas in three-dimensional electron microscopy, locating a subunit within a macromolecular complex remains challenging. Recently, we developed a new structural ...


In vivo dynamics of the cortical actin network revealed by fast-scanning atomic force microscopy

20-May-2017 | Zhang Y, Yoshida A, Sakai N, et al., Journal of Electron Microscopy, 2017

Abstract Together with lamellipodia and stress fibers, a dynamic network of actin filaments in the cell cortex plays a major role in the maintenance of cell morphology and motility. In contrast to lamellipodia, which have been well studied in various motile cells, the dynamics of actin filaments ...


miR-145 promoted anoikis resistance in tumor endothelial cells

19-May-2017 | Hida K, Kawamoto T, Maishi N, et al., Journal of Biochemistry, 2017

Abstract Tumor progression is dependent on tumor angiogenesis. We previously reported that the phenotype of tumor endothelial cells (TECs) is distinct from normal endothelial cells (NECs). Herein, we conducted a pathway analysis using a public TEC microarray database and identified several ...


Body Odor Trait Disgust Sensitivity Predicts Perception of Sweat Biosamples

09-May-2017 | Liuzza M, Olofsson JK, Sabiniewicz A, et al., Chemical Senses, 2017

Abstract Body odors are potent triggers of disgust and regulate social behaviors in many species. The role of olfaction in disgust-associated behaviors has received scant attention in the research literature, in part because olfactory disgust assessments have required laboratory testing with ...


Solution structure of a reverse transcriptase recognition site of a LINE RNA from zebrafish

18-Apr-2017 | Otsu M, Kajikawa M, Okada N, et al., Journal of Biochemistry, 2017

Abstract Long interspersed nuclear element (LINE) is known to be transposed by reverse transcription using its RNA transcript. Recognition of the 3' stem-loop of LINE RNA by its reverse transcriptase (RT) is an important step of the retrotransposition. Our previous study revealed that the second ...


Influence of Bitter Taste on Affective Facial Processing: An ERP Study

05-Apr-2017 | Schienle A, Giraldo M, Spiegl B, et al., Chemical Senses, 2017

Abstract Previous research showed that a bitter taste in the mouth is able to enhance hostile response tendencies to social rejection. The present event-related potential (ERP) study sought to investigate neuronal components of this effect. We presented 52 participants (39 women and 13 men; mean ...


Field modeling and ray-tracing of a miniature scanning electron microscope beam column

28-Mar-2017 | Loyd JS, Gregory DA, Gaskin JA., Journal of Electron Microscopy, 2017

Abstract A miniature scanning electron microscope (SEM) focusing column design is introduced and its potential performance assessed through an estimation of parameters that affect the probe radius, to include source size, spherical and chromatic aberration, diffraction and space charge ...


Order of stability for proteolysis sites of a bacterial collagen-like protein

23-Mar-2017 | Ma L, Chai Y, Wu T, et al., Journal of Biochemistry, 2017

Abstract When compared with collagens isolated from animal sources, collagens and collagen-like (CL) proteins from non-animal sources are non-immunogenic and thus promising as biomedical materials. Recently, a CL protein, V-CL, was identified from a bacterial source, Streptococcus pyogenes. In ...


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