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Incorporation of Sb5+ into CeO2: Local Structural Distortion of the Fluorite Structure From a Pentavalent Substituent

03-Jul-2018 | Craig Hiley; Janet Fisher; Reza Jalili Kashtiban; Giannantonio Cibin; David Thompsett; Richard I Walton, Dalton Transactions, 2018

Hydrothermal crystallisation of CeO2 from aqueous sodium hydroxide solution at 240 ○C using CeCl3·7H2O in the presence of hydrogen peroxide with addition of either SbCl3 or SbCl5 yields polycrystalline samples of antimony-containing ceria directly from solution. Powder X-ray diffraction shows a ...


A dual pH-responsive supramolecular gelator with aggregation-induced emission properties

03-Jul-2018 | Marlen Externbrink; Steffen Riebe; Carsten Schmuck; Jens Voskuhl, Soft Matter, 2018

Functionalising AIE-active aromatic thioethers with self-complementary zwitterionic binding sites leads to a dual pH-responsive supramolecular organogelator with aggregation-induced emission (AIE) properties. The self-assembled fibrillar gel network is highly fluorescent (λem = 490 nm), whereas ...


Asymmetric Organocatalytic Synthesis of Chiral 3,3-Disubstituted Oxindoles via 1,6-Conjugate Addition Reaction

03-Jul-2018 | Abdul Rahman; Qiaoxia Zhou; Xufeng Lin, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018

A highly efficient synthesis of chiral 3,3-disubstituted oxindoles was developed by using a chiral spirocyclic phosphoric acid catalyzed 1,6-conjugate addition reaction of para-quinone methoids derived from N-unprotected isatins with indoles. The reaction proceeds under mild reaction conditions ...


Direct Metal-free, Base Catalysed sp2 C-H Functionalization in Sulfonamidation of 1,4-Naphthoquinones Using Sulfonyl azides

03-Jul-2018 | Pitchumani Kasi; Ramanathan Devenderan, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018

A novel metal-free, base catalysed sp2 C-H functionalization in the sulfonyl amidation of 1,4-naphthoquinones via a [3+2] cycloaddition reaction using sulfonyl azides under mild reaction conditions is reported. In this straightforward, atom- and step-economical protocol, the active alkene moiety ...


Synthesis, photophysical, antibacterial and larvicidal studies on triazolophanes with 5-nitro isophthalate functionality at the intraannular position

03-Jul-2018 | Sivasamy Selvarani; Perumal Rajakumar; Subramani Nagaraj; Manisha Choudhury; Devadasan Velmurugan, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

1 : 1 and 2 : 2 oligomeric triazolophanes with 5-nitro isophthalate and triazolyl functionalities at the intraannular position have been synthesized by copper(i) catalyzed 1,3 dipolar cycloaddition of the corresponding propargylic esters with various phenyl substituted aliphatic azides under mild ...


An elusive thermal [2 + 2] cycloaddition driven by visible light photocatalysis: tapping into strain to access C2-symmetric tricyclic rings

03-Jul-2018 | Kamaljeet Singh; Winston Trinh; Jimmie D. Weaver, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018

A mild and operationally simple methodology is reported for the synthesis of cyclobutane rings imbedded within a C2-symmetric tricyclic framework. The method uses visible light and an iridium-based photocatalyst to drive the oft-stated “forbidden” thermal [2 + 2] cycloaddition of cycloheptenes ...


Cu(II)–tBu–PHOX catalyzed enantioselective malonate addition onto 3-hydroxy 2-oxindoles: application in the synthesis of dimeric pyrroloindoline alkaloids

03-Jul-2018 | K. Naresh Babu; Lakshmana K. Kinthada; Partha Pratim Das; Alakesh Bisai, Chemical Communication, 2018

An efficient Cu(ii)–PHOX-catalyzed malonate addition onto 3-hydroxy 3-indolyl-2-oxindoles is envisioned to afford excellent enantioselectivities (up to >99% ee) in high chemical yields. Detailed characterization techniques including X-ray, NMR, CV and EPR experiments suggest that a Cu(ii)-complex ...


Photoredox-Promoted Alkyl Radical Addition/Semipinacol Rearrangement Sequence of Alkenylcyclobutanols: Rapid Access to Cyclic Ketones

03-Jul-2018 | Sheng Yao; Kai Zhang; Quan-Quan Zhou; Yu Zhao; De-Qing Shi; Wen-Jing Xiao, Chemical Communication, 2018

Two photocatalytic tandem alkyl radical addition/semipinacol rearrangement reactions of cycloalkanol-substituted styrenes with N-acyloxyphthalimides and O-acyl oximes have been documented. These protocols provide an efficient access to functionalized cyclic ketones, which features on mild ...


Use of ESI FT–ICR MS to investigate molecular transformation in simulated aerobic biodegradation of a sulfur-rich crude oil

01-Jul-2018 | Author(s): Weimin Liu, Yuhong Liao, Yinhua Pan, Bin Jiang, Qing Zeng, Quan Shi, Chang Samuel Hsu, Organic Geochemistry, 2018

Publication date: September 2018 Source:Organic Geochemistry, Volume 123 Author(s): Weimin Liu, Yuhong Liao, Yinhua Pan, Bin Jiang, Qing Zeng, Quan Shi, Chang Samuel Hsu Achieving an understanding of the biodegradation of organic sulfur compound(s) (OSC) in crude oils has been ...


Energies, Vol. 11, Pages 1704: A Relational Analysis Model of the Causal Factors Influencing CO2 in Thailand’s Industrial Sector under a Sustainability Policy Adapting the VARIMAX-ECM Model

01-Jul-2018 | Sutthichaimethee, Pruethsan ; Kubaha, Kuskana, Energies, 2018

Energies, Vol. 11, Pages 1704: A Relational Analysis Model of the Causal Factors Influencing CO2 in Thailand’s Industrial Sector under a Sustainability Policy Adapting the VARIMAX-ECM Model Energies doi: 10.3390/en11071704 Authors: Pruethsan Sutthichaimethee Kuskana ...


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