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Unveiling the complex vibronic structure of canonical adenine cation

03-Jul-2018 | Hong Yan Zhao; Kai-Chung Lau; Gustavo Adolfo Garcia; Laurent Nahon; Stephane Carniato; Lionel Poisson; Martin Schwel ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

Adenine, a DNA base, exists under several tautomers and isomers that are closely lying in energy and that may form a mixture upon vaporization of solid adenine. Indeed, it is challenging to bring adenine in the gas phase, especially as a unique tautomer. The experimental conditions were tuned to ...


Probing Propeller-Like Loops of DNA G-quadruplexes with Looped-Out 2-Aminopurine for Label-Free Switchable Molecular Sensing

26-Jun-2018 | Pai Peng; Yi Du; Yudie Sun; Shuangna Liu; Lan Mi; Tao Li, Analyst, 2018

We report a new signal readout mechanism for DNA molecular sensing devices using ligand-free fluorogenic G-quadruplexes of which the propeller-like loops are distinguished from the diagonal and lateral ones with incorporated 2-aminopurine (2-AP, a fluorescent analogue of adenine). We study the ...


Nucleobases-decorated boron nitride nanoribbons for electrochemical biosensing: a dispersion-corrected DFT study

28-May-2018 | Shweta D. Dabhi; Basant Roondhe; Prafulla K. Jha, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

Understanding the interactions between biomolecules and boron nitride nanostructures is key for their use in nanobiotechnology and medical engineering. In this study, we investigated the adsorption of nucleobases adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), thymine (T) and uracil (U) over armchair and ...


Adenine radicals generated in alternating AT duplexes by direct absorption of low-energy UV radiation

27-May-2018 | Akos Banyasz; Tiia Ketola; Lara Martínez-Fernández; Roberto Improta; Dimitra Markovitsi, Faraday Discussions, 2018

There is increasing evidence that the direct absorption of photons with energies that are lower than the ionization potential of nucleobases may result in oxidative damage to DNA. The present work, which combines nanosecond transient absorption spectroscopy and quantum mechanical calculations, ...


Providing evidence for the requirements to achieve supramolecular materials based on metal–nucleobase entities

26-May-2018 | Jintha Thomas-Gipson; Garikoitz Beobide; Oscar Castillo; Antonio Luque; Jon Pascual-Colino; Sonia Pérez-Yá ..., CrystEngComm, 2018

Nucleobases are known as suitable builders of porous materials not only due to their high number of heteroatoms leading to different coordination modes, but also because they establish strong and predictable supramolecular interactions. In this contribution, nucleobases (adenine and guanine), ...


Rhodium nanocubes and nanotripods for highly sensitive ultraviolet surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

23-May-2018 | Rupali Das; R. K. Soni, Analyst, 2018

We report the shape- and wavelength-dependent ultrasensitive label-free detection of adenine on rhodium cube- and tripod-star-like nanoparticles (Rh NPs) using ultraviolet surface-enhanced Raman scattering (UV-SERS). Rh NPs immobilized on a silane-treated glass substrate probed at near-resonant ...


DNA nanodevices monitored with fluorogenic looped-out 2-aminopurine

23-May-2018 | Pai Peng; Yi Du; Tao Li, Analyst, 2018

We report several DNA nanodevices monitored with fluorogenic looped-out 2-aminopurine. It is found that looped-out 2-AP, an analogue of adenine, in split parallel G-quadruplexes, triplexes and duplexes always shows much higher fluorescence intensity than that in single- or double-stranded DNAs, ...


Non-classical hydrogen bond triggered strand displacement for analytical applications and DNA nanostructure assembly

23-May-2018 | Manli Han; Qingsheng Fan; Yi Zhang; Lida Xu; Changyuan Yu; Xin Su, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

We demonstrated a new mode of strand displacement reaction by using cyanuric acid (CA) mediated poly(adenine) (poly(A)) assembly as a toehold, which is the first non-classical hydrogen bond triggered strand displacement. The reaction is even faster than Watson–Crick bond triggered strand ...


Electrochemical detection of dihydronicotinamide adenine dinucleotide using Al2O3-GO nanocomposite modified electrode

15-Apr-2018 | Author(s): Moataz M. Mekawy, Rabeay Y.A. Hassan, Pankaj Ramnani, Xuejun Yu, Ashok Mulchandani, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2018

Publication date: Available online 31 March 2018 Source:Arabian Journal of Chemistry Author(s): Moataz M. Mekawy, Rabeay Y.A. Hassan, Pankaj Ramnani, Xuejun Yu, Ashok Mulchandani NADH plays a vital role in the electron transfer processes between metabolites in the cellular ...


Trace level detection of guanine and adenine and evaluation of damage to DNA using electro-synthesised ZnS@CdS core-shell quantum dots decorated graphene oxide nanocomposite

15-Apr-2018 | Author(s): Majid Arvand, Zahra Khoshkholgh, Shiva Hemmati, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2018

Publication date: 15 May 2018 Source:Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Volume 817 Author(s): Majid Arvand, Zahra Khoshkholgh, Shiva Hemmati Quantum dots owing to their unique properties have been the subject of extensive investigations in different areas of science and ...


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