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Luminescence properties of fluorene-substituted porphyrinates of magnesium(II) and aluminum(III)

06-Apr-2010 | A. Yu. Chernyad’ev, Yu. A. Plachev, A. Yu. Tsivadze, High Energy Chemistry, 2010

Aluminum(III) (AlClTFP) and magnesium(II) (MgTFP) porphyrinates were synthesized from free meso-tetra(fluoren-2-yl)porphyrin, aluminum chloride and the MgBr2Et2O complex. The structure of the synthesized compounds was established on the basis NMR and absorption spectroscopy data. The luminescence ...


Coenzyme A, acyl-CoA, and the glutathione system in CNS structures exposed to homopantothenate or in aluminum neurotoxicity

24-Mar-2010 | A. G. Moiseenok, S. N. Omel’yanchik, A. A. Sheval’e, I. N. Katkovskaya, M. A. El’chaninova, T. A. Pekhovskaya, I. L. ..., Neurochemical Journal, 2010

Calcium homopantothenate (CHP, pantogam, or hopantenic acid) at a dose of 100 μg/kg was injected into white female Wistar rats weighing 180–210 g for 4 weeks. Aluminum chloride (two times at a dose of 190 mg/kg) and D-pantenol (seven times at a dose of 200 mg/kg) were injected to a subgroup of ...


Silica gel and polystyrene supported aluminum chloride as heterogeneous catalysts for the preparation of α‐aminophosphonates

01-Jan-2010 | Boroujeni, Kaveh Parvanak; Shirazi, Amir Nasrolahi, Heteroatom Chemistry, 2010

Abstract Silica gel supported aluminum chloride (SiO2‐AlCl3) and cross‐linked polystyrene‐supported aluminum chloride (PS‐AlCl3) are environment‐ friendly heterogeneous catalysts for the condensation of amines and aldehydes with diethyl phosphite to afford α‐aminophosphonates. These solid acid ...


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