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Surface modification of aramid fibers with novel chemical approach

07-Jun-2010 | Tie-Min Liu, Yuan-Suo Zheng, Jie Hu, Polymer Bulletin, 2010

Friedel–Crafts Reaction as a simple and convenient approach to the surface modification of aramid fiber was introduced in this paper. Epoxy chloropropane was chosen as the treatment reagent to modify aramid fibers surface via Graft reaction. After the modification, the interfacial properties of ...


Effects of Constituents and Lay-up Configuration on Drop-Weight Tests of Fiber-Metal Laminates

15-Dec-2009 | Yanxiong Liu, Benjamin Liaw, Applied Composite Materials, 2009

Impact responses and damage of various fiber-metal laminates were studied using a drop-weight instrument with the post-impact damage characteristics being evaluated through ultrasonic and mechanical sectioning techniques. The first severe failure induced by the low-velocity drop-weight impact ...


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