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Analysis of polystyrene‐b‐polyisoprene copolymers by coupling of liquid chromatography at critical conditions to NMR at critical conditions of polystyrene and polyisoprene

18-Jun-2012 | Pritish Sinha, Wolf Hiller, Vasilios Bellas, Harald Pasch, Journal of Separation Science, 2012

For the investigation of the molecular heterogeneity of polystyrene‐b‐polyisoprene block copolymers, a chromatographic separation method, namely liquid chromatography at critical conditions was developed. This method was coupled on‐line with 1H‐NMR(where NMR stands for nuclear magnetic ...


Minimisation of E-Factor in the Synthesis of N-Hydroxylamines: The Role of Silver (I)-based Coordination Polymers in Green Chemistry

26-Apr-2012 | mehdi Sheykhan; Zohreh Rashidi Ranjbar; Ali Morsali; Akbar Heydari, Green Chemistry, 2012

Among four different 2-D polymeric silver (I)-bpfb assemblies synthesized, 4c having azide anion was shown to be the best catalyst for the partial oxidation of primary amines to N-monoalkylhydroxylamines with UHP. The method has supplied minimum E-Factor (which is in the range for bulk chemicals) ...


Sterically stabilized polypyrrole–palladium nanocomposite particles synthesized by aqueous chemical oxidative dispersion polymerization

25-Apr-2012 | Hiroyuki Hamasaki, Nobuyuki Fukui, Syuji Fujii, Shin-ichi Yusa, Yoshinobu Nakamura, Colloid & Polymer Science, 2012

Aqueous chemical oxidative dispersion polymerizations of pyrrole using PdCl2 oxidant were conducted using water-soluble polymeric colloidal stabilizers in order to synthesize polypyrrole–palladium (PPy–Pd) nanocomposite particles in one step. PPy–Pd nanocomposite particles with number average ...


Surface and bulk chemical analysis of the durability of an easy care finish on cotton

09-Mar-2012 | L. V. Haule, M. Rigout, C. M. Carr, C. C. Jones, Cellulose, 2012

The wash durability of the easy care finish Dimethylol Dihydroxyethylene Urea (DMDHEU) on cotton fabric under ISO 105 CO6 and CO9 test conditions and extended domestic laundering conditions was investigated by surface and bulk sensitive techniques, in particular X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, ...


Polypyrrole–Palladium Nanocomposite Coating of Micrometer-Sized Polymer Particles Toward a Recyclable Catalyst

18-Jan-2012 | Syuji Fujii; Soichiro Matsuzawa; Hiroyuki Hamasaki; Yoshinobu Nakamura; Azzedine Bouleghlimat; Niklaas J. Buurma, Langmuir, 2012

A range of near-monodisperse, multimicrometer-sized polymer particles has been coated with ultrathin overlayers of polypyrrole–palladium (PPy–Pd) nanocomposite by chemical oxidative polymerization of pyrrole using PdCl2 as an oxidant in aqueous media. Good control over the targeted PPy–Pd ...


Systematic optimization of a biocatalytic two-liquid phase oxyfunctionalization process guided by ecological and economic assessment

05-Jan-2012 | Daniel Kuhn; Mattijs K. Julsing; Elmar Heinzle; Bruno Bühler, Green Chemistry, 2012

Next to economic success, ecological considerations have become increasingly important for companies synthesizing various compounds ranging from bulk chemicals to pharmaceuticals. In this context, the economic and ecological feasibility of asymmetric biocatalytic styrene epoxidation has ...


Comparison of Multiple Prompt γ-Ray Analysis and Prompt γ-Ray Analysis for the Elemental Analysis of Geological and Cosmochemical Samples

30-Sep-2011 | Mohammad Amirul Islam; Mitsuru Ebihara; Yosuke Toh; Hideo Harada, Analytical Chemistry, 2011

Multiple prompt γ-ray analysis (MPGA) and conventional neutron-induced prompt γ-ray analysis (PGA) are nondestructive analytical methods for bulk chemical compositions, and their analytical capabilities were compared for elemental analyses of geological and cosmochemical samples. Detection ...


Geochemical appraisal of palaeovegetation and climate oscillation in the Late Miocene of Western Bulgaria

04-Sep-2011 | Maya, Stefanova , Dimiter A., Ivanov , Torsten, Utescher, Organic Geochemistry, 2011

Palaeobotanical methods and geochemical techniques were used to assess plant contribution and palaeoenvironment of the Staniantsi Basin, Bulgaria. The aim was to connect palaeovegetation change and climate oscillation based on pollen and statistical analysis with organic geochemical proxies for a ...


Morphological and physical evolutions of aramid fibers aged in a moderately alkaline environment

02-Sep-2011 | Derombise, G.; van Schoors, L. Vouyovitch; Bourmaud, A.; Davies, P., Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2011

Abstract The recent use of aramid fibers in geotextiles for ground reinforcement raises fundamental durability issues, in particular in alkaline soils where they are subjected to hydrolysis. To study the degradation mechanisms in such an environment, accelerated aging at pH 9 and at pH 11 has ...


Green chemistry in the bulk chemicals industry

08-Jun-2011 | I. I. Moiseev, Kinetics and Catalysis, 2011

The bulk chemicals industry is a branch of the chemical industry whose assortment includes key organic synthesis products and intermediates. The world output of these products is as large as millions of tons. This scale requires the use of not only maximally inexpensive raw materials but also the ...


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