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Transfer Functions for Periodic Reactor Operation: Fundamental Methodology for Simple Reaction Networks

17-Aug-2017 | Dominik Meyer, Jens Friedland, Thiemo Kohn, Robert Güttel, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract The contribution presents a method for frequency response analysis of chemical reactors with periodically modulated inlet concentration. The method is demonstrated for simple first‐order irreversible consecutive and parallel as well as reversible reactions applying an isothermal ...


An Eulerian‐Eulerian Computational Approach for Simulating Descending Gas‐Liquid Flows in Reactors with Solid Foam Internals

26-Jul-2017 | Kumar Subramanian, Johannes Zalucky, Markus Schubert, Dirk Lucas, Uwe Hampel, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract Chemical reactors with new types of packings, such as metallic and ceramic open‐pore foams, have become of subjects of scientific and engineering interest in the past decades. For so‐called trickle bed reactors the new packing types provide favorable conditions, such as a high ...


Spontaneous Droplet Motion on a Periodically Compliant Substrate

08-May-2017 | Tianshu Liu; Nichole Nadermann; Zhenping He; Steven H. Strogatz; Chung-Yuen Hui; Anand Jagota, Langmuir, 2017

Droplet motion arises in many natural phenomena, ranging from the familiar gravity-driven slip and arrest of raindrops on windows to the directed transport of droplets for water harvesting by plants and animals under dry conditions. Deliberate transportation and manipulation of droplets are also ...


A Techno‐economic Analysis of Chemical Processing with Ionizing Radiation

10-Apr-2017 | Thomas B. McConnaughy, Matthew R. Shaner, Eric W. McFarland, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract Photons and electrons with energies above the ionization potential of most atoms can be used to facilitate chemical reactions not otherwise possible thermochemically or under more preferable process conditions. These ionizing radiations have a wide range of potential chemical process ...


Ohmic heating: an Emerging Concept in Organic Synthesis

13-Mar-2017 | Vera L. M. Silva, Luís M. N. B. F. Santos, Artur MS Silva, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2017

The ohmic heating also known as direct Joule heating, is an advanced thermal processing method, mainly used in the food industry to rapidly increase the temperature for either cooking or sterilization purposes. Its use in organic synthesis, in the heating of chemical reactors, is an emerging ...


Uniform Supersonic Chemical Reactors: 30 Years of Astrochemical History and Future Challenges

03-Feb-2017 | Alexey Potapov, André Canosa, Elena Jiménez, Bertrand Rowe, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2017

The interstellar medium attracts our great attention, as the place where stars and planets are born and from where, probably, the molecular precursors of life have come to Earth. To understand the chemical pathways to the formation of stars, planets, and biological molecules, astronomical ...


Microwave plasma emerging technologies for chemical processes

23-Jan-2017 | Javier F. de la Fuente, Anton A. Kiss, Marilena T. Radoiu, Georgios D. Stefanidis, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2017

Abstract Microwave plasma (MWP) technology is currently being used in application fields such as semiconductor and material processing, diamond film deposition and waste remediation. Specific advantages of the technology include the enablement of a high energy density source and a highly ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 995: Two Dimensional Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis for a Packed Bed Regenerator Used in a Reheating Furnace

25-Nov-2016 | Lin, Chien-Nan ; Jang, Jiin-Yuh ; Lai, Yi-Shiun, Energies, 2016

Packed bed is widely used for different industries and technologies, such as heat exchangers, heat recovery, thermal energy storage and chemical reactors. In modern steel industry, packed bed regenerator is widely utilized in the reheating furnace to increase the furnace efficiency. This study ...


Bifurcation Analysis of Index Infinity DAE Parabolic Models Describing Reactors and Reacting Flows

04-Nov-2016 | Ram R. Ratnakar, Vemuri Balakotaiah, AIChE Journal, 2016

Abstract We show that most steady‐state models of chemical reactors and reacting flows in which convection effects are dominant and diffusion/conduction is neglected in the flow direction but included in the transverse directions, may change from parabolic type with a unique solution to index ...


In situ adaptive tabulation for the CFD simulation of heterogeneous reactors based on operator‐splitting algorithm

19-Aug-2016 | Mauro Bracconi, Alberto Cuoci, Matteo Maestri; Mauro Bracconi, Matteo Maestri, Alberto Cuoci, AIChE Journal, 2016

Abstract We apply the In‐Situ Adaptive Tabulation algorithm to efficiently solve the chemical sub‐step in the context of the simulation of heterogeneous reactors. A numerical strategy ‐ specifically conceived for unsteady simulation of catalytic devices ‐ has been developed and interfaced in ...


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