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Enantiomeric separation of type I and type II pyrethroid insecticides with different chiral stationary phases by reversed‐phase high‐performance liquid chromatography

23-Dec-2017 | Ping Zhang, Qian Yu, Xiulong He, Kun Qian, Wei Xiao, Zhifeng Xu, Tian Li, Lin He, Chirality, 2017

Abstract The enantiomeric separation of type I (bifenthrin, BF) and type II (lambda‐cyhalothrin, LCT) pyrethroid insecticides on Lux Cellulose‐1, Lux Cellulose‐3, and Chiralpak IC chiral columns was investigated by reversed‐phase high‐performance liquid chromatography. Methanol/water or ...


Synthesis, Structures, and Photophysical Properties of Optically Stable 1,16-Diphenyl-3,14-diaryl-Substituted Tetrahydrobenzo[5]helicenediol Derivatives: Enantioselective Recognition toward Tryptophan Methyl Esters

07-Jul-2017 | Lei Fang; Meng Li; Wei-Bin Lin; Yun Shen; Chuan-Feng Chen, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2017

Starting from commercially available 7-methoxytetralone, 1,16-diphenyl-3,14-dibromotetrahydrobenzo[5]helicenediol (Br-H[5]HOL) was conveniently prepared, which underwent efficient resolution to give the optically stable enantiomeric diols in gram scale by HPLC with semipreparative chiral columns. ...


Molecules, Vol. 22, Pages 233: Chromatographic Separation of Vitamin E Enantiomers

04-Feb-2017 | Fu, Ju-Yen ; Htar, Thet-Thet ; De Silva, Leanne ; Tan, Doryn Meam-Yee; Chuah, Lay-Hong, Molecules, 2017

Vitamin E is recognized as an essential vitamin since its discovery in 1922. Most vegetable oils contain a mixture of tocopherols and tocotrienols in the vitamin E composition. Structurally, tocopherols and tocotrienols share a similar chromanol ring and a side chain at the C-2 position. Owing to ...


Synthesis, Structures, Resolution and Chiroptical Properties of 1,16‐Diaryl Substituted Benzo[5]helicene Derivatives

13-Oct-2016 | Chuan-Feng Chen, Wei-Bin Lin, Meng Li, Lei Fang, Yun Shen, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2016

An efficient route to the synthesis of benzo[5]helicene derivatives functionalized on interior side of the helix was developed, which resulted in a series of 1,16‐diaryl substituted benzo[5]helicene derivatives starting from the easily available 7‐methoxy‐tetralone. X‐ray crystal structures ...


Approaches for enantioselective resolution of pharmaceuticals by miniaturized separation techniques with new chiral phases based on nanoparticles and monolithis

19-Jul-2016 | Isabel Sierra, Maria Luisa Marina, Damián Pérez‐Quintanilla, Sonia Morante‐Zarcero, Mariana Silva, ELECTROPHORESIS, 2016

ABSTRACT This article discusses new developments in the preparation of nanoparticles and monoliths with emphasis upon their application as the stationary and pseudo‐stationary phases for miniaturized liquid phase separation techniques, which have occurred in the last ten years (from 2006 to ...


Tris(β-diketonato) Ru(III) Complexes as Chiral Dopants for Nematic Liquid Crystals: the Effect of the Molecular Structure on the Helical Twisting Power

13-Sep-2013 | Jun Yoshida; Go Watanabe; Kaori Kakizawa; Yasuhiro Kawabata; Hidetaka Yuge, Inorganic Chemistry, 2013

Doping nematic liquid crystals with optically active compounds transforms them into chiral nematic phases with helical structures. In this phenomenon, the chirality of the dopant molecules is transferred or amplified to the bulk of the liquid crystals. Δ-[Ru(acac)3] (acac = acetylacetonato) is ...


On‐line two‐dimensional LC: a rapid and efficient method for the determination of enantiomeric excess in reaction mixtures

26-Jul-2013 | Qi Liu, Xinyu Jiang, Haixing Zheng, Wen Su, Xiaoqing Chen, Hua Yang, Journal of Separation Science, 2013

A novel LC‐based method for the determination of enantiomeric excess in a sample mixture has been developed by employingon‐line two‐dimensional liquid chromatography. The orthogonal separation system is composed of an NH2 column as the first dimension to elute the target chiral compound from the ...


Enantiomeric separation of proton pump inhibitors on new generation chiral columns using LC and supercritical fluid chromatography

16-Jul-2013 | Lakshmi Narayana Chennuru, Thirupathi Choppari, Subrahmanyam Duvvuri, Pramod Kumar Dubey, Journal of Separation Science, 2013

The enantioselectivity of proton pump inhibitors, namely, omeprazole, lansoprazole, rabeprazole, pantoprazole, tenatoprazole, and ilaprazole were studied using new generation chiral packing materials: CHIRALPAK IA, CHIRALPAK IB, and CHIRALPAK IC. Two versatile techniques, HPLC and supercritical ...


Enantioselective Separation and Simultaneous Determination of Tolperisone and Eperisone in Rat Plasma by LC‐MS/MS

09-Jul-2013 | R. Nageswara Rao, S. Satyanarayana Raju, Chirality, 2013

ABSTRACT Tolperisone and eperisone used as muscle relaxants possess one chiral center each and exist as two optical isomers for each drug. Therefore, enantioselective assays to measure each enantiomer in biological matrices are of great importance. In the present study a simple and complete ...


Optimization of the HPLC enantioseparation of 3,3’‐dibromo‐5,5’‐disubstituted‐4,4’‐bipyridines using immobilized polysaccharide‐based chiral stationary phases

04-Jul-2013 | Paola Peluso, Victor Mamane, Emmanuel Aubert, Sergio Cossu, Journal of Separation Science, 2013

The HPLC enantioseparation of nine atropisomeric 3,3’,5,5’‐tetrasubstituted‐4,4’‐bipyridines was performed in the normal and polar organic phase modes using two immobilized polysaccharide‐based chiral columns, namely, Chiralpak IA and Chiralpak IC. The separation of all racemic analytes, the ...


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