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Microbiological and Physicochemical Quality Evaluation of Vacuum‐Packed Argentine Beef Imported into Italy

08-Jul-2013 | S. Stella, B. Ripamonti, S. Vandoni, C. Bernardi, C.A. Sgoifo Rossi, Journal of Food Quality, 2013

Abstract A total of 8 lots of vacuum‐packed bovine rump hearts (Gluteus medius muscle) imported in Italy from Argentina were submitted to microbiological (total bacterial count, Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonas spp., Lactobacilli, sulfite‐reducing Clostridia, Listeria monocytogenes) and ...


β‐Carotene Contents and Quality Properties of Set Type Yoghurt Supplemented with Carrot Juice and Sugar

17-Apr-2013 | Songul Cakmakci, Deren Tahmas‐Kahyaoglu, Tuba Erkaya, Kadir Cebi, Ali Adnan Hayaloglu, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2013

Abstract The purpose of this study was to enhance the color and sensory quality and β‐carotene content of yoghurt by addition of carrot juice (CJ). Yoghurt samples were produced using cow's milk with the addition of sugar (10%, w/v) and sugar‐free (control), 15% CJ, 15% CJ plus 10% sugar, 20% ...


Metabolomic Analysis of the Effect of Shade Treatment on the Nutritional and Sensory Qualities of Green Tea

04-Jan-2013 | Lan-Sook Lee; Ji Hea Choi; Nari Son; Sang-Hee Kim; Jong-Dae Park; Dae-Ja Jang; Yoonhwa Jeong; Hyun-Jin Kim, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2013

We analyzed metabolites from a 50% aqueous methanol extract of green teas treated with different shade periods (0, 15, 18, and 20 days) to investigate the effect of low light on their nutritional and sensory qualities. The shaded groups could be clearly distinguished from the control (0 day), and ...


Effect of Jam Processing and Storage on Phytochemicals and Physiochemical Properties of Cherry at Different Temperatures

20-Jul-2012 | Taha M. Rababah, Muhammad Al‐U'Datt, Majdi Al‐Mahasneh, Wade Yang, Hao Feng, Khalil Ereifej, Isra Kilani, Majdi Abu ..., Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2012

Abstract This study evaluated the effect of jam processing of cherry on the phytochemical and physiochemical properties for fresh cherry, after processing and during 15 days at 25, 35, 45 and 55C. Fresh cherry had the highest contents of total phenolics, antioxidant activity and anthocyanins. ...


Effect of silk protein fibers on properties of thermoplastic rice starch

10-Jun-2012 | J. Prachayawarakorn, W. Hwansanoet, Fibers and Polymers, 2012

Biodegradable polymer was prepared as thermoplastic starch (TPS). Due to poor mechanical properties and high water absorption of TPS, thermoplastic rice starch (TPRS) was modified by reinforcing with natural silk protein fibers, as an alternative choice of fiber reinforcement. Different contents ...


Enhanced adhesion of conductive coating on plasma‐treated polyester fabric: A study on the ageing effect

01-May-2012 | Montarsolo, A.; Varesano, A.; Mossotti, R.; Rombaldoni, F.; Periolatto, M.; Mazzuchetti, G.; Tonin, C., Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2012

Abstract In recent years, there has been growing attention on intrinsically conducting polymers, such as polypyrrole (PPy) because of the wide range of possible applications. Adhesion to other materials is a pending problem that could be tackled by enhancing the chemical affinity of the surface ...


Effect of Radio Frequency Postdrying of Partially Baked Cookies on Acrylamide Content, Texture, and Color of the Final Product

10-Apr-2012 | Koray Palazoğlu, T.; Coşkun, Yunus; Kocadağlı, Tolga; Gökmen, Vural, Journal of Food Science, 2012

Abstract:  Effect of radio frequency (RF) postdrying of partially baked cookies on acrylamide content, texture, and color of the final product was investigated in this study. Control cookies were prepared by baking in a conventional oven at 205 °C for 11 min. Cookies partially baked for 8 and 9 ...


Evaluation of the structure of polypropylene/montmorillonite nanocomposite by in‐line light extinction and color measurements during multiple extrusions

27-Mar-2012 | Reis, K.C.; Canevarolo, S.V., Polymer Engineering and Science, 2012

Abstract This work extends the method to follow in real time the reduction of the clay particle size by light extinction measurements (turbidity), obtained via an in‐line optical detector fitted at the extruder die exit, to monitor multiple extrusions of PP/MMT nanocomposites. The optical ...


Influence of sodium dodecyl sulfate and cetyl trimethylammonium bromide upon calcium carbonate precipitation on bacterial cellulose

13-Feb-2012 | Marta Stroescu, Anicuta Stoica-Guzun, Sorin Ion Jinga, Tanase Dobre, Iuliana Mihaela Jipa, Loredana Mihaela Dobre, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012

Calcium carbonate was deposed on bacterial cellulose (BC) never-dried membranes in the presence of different concentrations of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) and cetyl trimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) by a precipitation reaction between aqueous solutions of calcium chloride (CaCl2) and sodium ...


Synthesis, characterization, and application of hetarylazo disperse colorants: Preparation and properties of ink‐jet inks with active agents for polyester printing

04-Feb-2012 | Karanikas, E. K.; Nikolaidis, N. F.; Tsatsaroni, E. G., Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2012

Abstract The synthesis and characterization of two hetarylazo disperse colorants are described. These compounds were used for the preparation of ink‐jet inks with and without active agents for polyester printing. The viscosity, conductivity, surface tension, and pH of these inks were studied ...


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