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Investigation of the effects of ion and water interaction on structure and chemistry of silicalite MFI type zeolite for its potential use as a seawater desalination membrane

26-Apr-2010 | Bo Zhu; Linda Zou; Cara M. Doherty; Anita J. Hill; Y. S. Lin; Xiurong Hu; Huanting Wang; Mikel Duke, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2010

Bo Zhu, Linda Zou, Cara M. Doherty, Anita J. Hill, Y. S. Lin, Xiurong Hu, Huanting Wang, Mikel Duke (Paper from J. Mater. Chem.) Bo Zhu, J. Mater. Chem., 2010, DOI: 10.1039/b926455h To cite this article before page numbers are assigned, use the DOI form of citation above. The content of this ...


Direct seawater desalination by ion concentration polarization

21-Mar-2010 | Sung Jae Kim; Sung Hee Ko; Kwan Hyoung Kang; Jongyoon Han, Nature Nanotechnology, 2010

Direct seawater desalination by ion concentration polarization Nature Nanotechnology 5, 297 (2010). doi:10.1038/nnano.2010.34 Authors: Sung Jae Kim, Sung Hee Ko, Kwan Hyoung Kang & Jongyoon Han


Electrokinetic desalination of glazed ceramic tiles

03-Feb-2010 | Lisbeth M. Ottosen, Célia M. D. Ferreira, Iben V. Christensen, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 2010

Electrokinetic desalination is a method where an applied electric DC field is the driving force for removal of salts from porous building materials. In the present paper, the method is tested in laboratory scale for desalination of single ceramic tiles. In a model system, where a tile was ...


Preparation and characterization of a novel nanofiltration membrane

02-Jan-2010 | Guolan Huan, Wei Wang, Qiyun Du, Fibers and Polymers, 2010

In this study, poly[2-(N, N-dimethyl amino)ethyl methacrylate] (PDMAEMA) was prepared by bulk polymerization using AIBN as an initiator. Aqueous PDMAEMA solution was then purified by hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane technology to remove oligomers. PDMAEMA/polysulfone (PSF) positively charged ...


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