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The system Yb–Ru–O: High temperature studies on the oxides Yb2Ru2O7(s) and Yb3RuO7(s)

02-Sep-2013 | Author(s): Aparna Banerjee , Ziley Singh Chaudhary, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2013

Publication date: 15 October 2013 Source:Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 142, Issue 1 Author(s): Aparna Banerjee , Ziley Singh Chaudhary The standard molar Gibbs free energy of formation of Yb2Ru2O7(s) and Yb3RuO7(s) was determined using an oxide solid-state electrochemical cell ...


Effect of ceramic nanofiller silicon nitride on polyethylene productivity and properties

31-Aug-2013 | Omer Bin Sohail, Masihullah Jabarullah Khan, P.A. Sreekumar, Mamdouh A. Al‐Harthi, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2013

Polyethylene nano‐composites, with different loading of Silicon Nitride (SiN) (0, 0.5, 1.6 and 5.6 wt. %) as filler were prepared by polymerization of ethylene, using zirconocene as catalyst. Experimental results showed that activity of zirconocene catalyst activity was higher for the composites ...


Synthesis of Hyperbranched Multiarm Star Block Copolymers and Their Application as a Drug‐Delivery System

30-Aug-2013 | Li Xia, Zhiping Zhou, Jiangdong Dai, Advances in Polymer Technology, 2013

ABSTRACT A novel hyperbranched multiarm star block copolymers was synthesized. The atom transfer radical polymerization initiators were anchored on the surfaces by the reaction of amino‐functionalized silica modified by 3‐aminopropyltriethoxysilane with α‐bromoisobutyryl bromide. The ...


Crystallization of polycarbonate in solvent/nonsolvent system and its application to high‐density polyethylene composite as a filler

29-Aug-2013 | Duck Kun Hwang, Heon Sang Lee, Hyun Jong Kim, Yong Gun Shul, Kyeongseok Oh, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2013

Crystallization of polycarbonate (PC) was attempted by a precipitated method in a ternary system of PC/solvent/nonsolvent. Chloroform was used as a solvent, and isopropanol was used as a nonsolvent. Crystallization of PC was clearly observed as a powdery state when chloroform/isopropanol ...


Mechanical and thermal properties of polypropylene/montmorillonite nanocomposites using stearic acid as both an interface and a clay surface modifier

15-Aug-2013 | Lucas Gonzalez, Pierre Lafleur, Tomas Lozano, Ana B. Morales, Ricardo Garcia, Marisela Angeles, Francisco Rodriguez, ..., Polymer Composites, 2013

The effects of stearic acid treatment on the crystallization, morphology, thermal, and mechanical properties of polypropylene (PP)/montmorillonite (Mm) nanocomposites were investigated. Stearic acid was used as a new surface modifier for Mm, and also small amounts of this acid were used as a new ...


Experimental Study of Single-Phase and Two-Phase Water-in-Crude-Oil Dispersed Flow Wax Deposition in a Mini Pilot-Scale Flow Loop

09-Aug-2013 | Ekarit Panacharoensawad; Cem Sarica, Energy & Fuels, 2013

Wax deposition tests under single-phase and two-phase dispersed water-in-oil at 16 and 35% water cut (WC) were conducted in a mini pilot-scale flow loop by using South Pelto crude oil. The initial inner wall temperature (T̅w,ini) and the bulk fluid temperature (Tb) were controlled to be 85–87 °F ...


Magnetic heat resistant poly(amide–imide) nanocomposite derived from bisphenol A: Synthesis and properties

15-Jul-2013 | Meisam Shabanian, Mohsen Hajibeygi, Polymer Composites, 2013

New magnetic and heat resistant poly(amide–imide) nanocomposite (PAIN) was prepared from Fe3O4 nanoparticles and poly(amide‐imide) (PAI) in a solution of N‐methyl‐2‐pyrrolidone. New PAI derived from bisphenol A containing aryl sulfone and ether moiety was synthesized from ...


Effects of nano‐TiO2 on the properties and structures of starch/poly(ε‐caprolactone) composites

10-Jul-2013 | Peng Fei, Yongjun Shi, Man Zhou, Jie Cai, Shangwen Tang, Hanguo Xiong, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013

ABSTRACT Poor physical properties resulting from low interfacial interactions between hydrophilic biopolymers and hydrophobic thermoplastic matrices have been one of the biggest obstacles in preparing quality biomass materials. This study concentrates on the effects of nano‐TiO2 on the ...


Curing kinetics of diglycidyl ether of bisphenol‐A (n = 0) using an iron‐containing porphyrin as cross‐linking agent

03-Jul-2013 | Eva C. Vázquez, Francisco Fraga, J. M. Martínez‐Ageitos, José Vázquez Tato, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013

ABSTRACT The curing reaction of a system consisting of a diglycidyl ether of bisphenol‐A (n = 0) and hemin (a protoporphyrin IX containing an iron ion and an additional chloride ligand) was studied with a differential scanning calorimeter. A maximum value of −488.3 ± 8.4 J g−1 was obtained for ...


Effect of montmorillonoite modification and maleic anhydride‐grafted polypropylene on the microstructure and mechanical properties of polypropylene/montmorillonoite nanocomposites

03-Jul-2013 | Panpan Peng, Zhihong Yang, Minghu Wu, Qiaolian Zhang, Gang Chen, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013

ABSTRACT Two types of modified montmorillonite (MMT) were achieved using octadecylamine as the modifying agent by the methods of dry process and wet route. Polypropylene (PP)/MMT nanocomposites were prepared using the melt mixing technique and employing maleic anhydride‐grafted polypropylene ...


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